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1000s Of Illegal Immigrants Coming To Tennessee / TNGOP Pushes Digital Currency, Red Flag Gun Laws & Much More In The BIG 7!

Why is The Tennessee Holler STILL afraid to debate state policy?

Feds to Mass Transport Thousands of Illegal Aliens to Tennessee… State GOP Does Nothing

Trans Prayer on TN House Floor…

TNGOP Pushes Digital Currency & Red Flag Gun Laws

& More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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The Stories –

The Stories:

Cameron Sexton Fought For Trans Prayer On Tennessee House Floor Despite Vocal Conservative Opposition – READ HERE!

Chairman David Hawk Approves Tennessee Red Flag Gun Law In Deceptive Voice Vote – READ HERE!

GOP Lawmakers Edge Closer To Opening Tennessee’s Incorporation Of Central Bank Digital Currency, Other Currencies Vulnerable To Centralized Control – READ HERE!

U.S. Department Of Homeland Security Reports Potential For Influx Of Illegal Immigrants To Tennessee – READ HERE!

Tennessee Legislation Seeks To Increase Penalties For Transportation Of Illegal Aliens Into The State – READ HERE!

Proposed Tennessee Bill Aims To Strip Power From Representative Commission And Hand It Over The Governor’s Administration – READ HERE!

“The Most Basic Human Right,” Republican Senator Briggs Doubles Down on Weakening Abortion Law In Tennessee – READ HERE!

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