20 years…we must never forget…or we will destroy ourselves! |

20 years ago…an entire generation, those in College, High School and younger can only know of this terrible day from History books, the internet, and talking to those who were alive during that time. In a way similar to my generation learning about Dec. 7, 1941. The terrorists that carried an ideology in which killing innocent lives were justified because our way of life (freedom, capitalism, and treating people with respect including women, those with different sexual orientation and freedom to worship) went against everything those terrorists believed. Their goal, to destroy America…destroy our financial system, our transportation and our commerce. What is very sad… 20 years later we are destroying ourselves. We have politicians that criticize 1/2 the country for having different thoughts. We have neighbors criticizing each other for everything. We are killing each other in many ways and in doing so killing our nation. While we may have captured or killed some that were responsible for that day… we have given them
what they ultimately wanted. The destruction of America. If we have any soul left…we must, as a nation…Be Americans First and then work through our differences. If we forget that day, forget the terror, the fear and the blood… and let our differences destroy us than those who burned, jumped out of windows, were crushed, and died in such horrific ways, were for nothing. If we forget…then terrorists win. The Blood of lost Americans must be what gives us the strength to find a way to be unified as Citizens of this Great Nation. May God Help us use our past to have a future.

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