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A Balkanized America –

America is fundamentally different than most other countries. And, contrary to widely held and promulgated belief, diversity is not always a strength; it can and does retard America’s growth and aggravate fractures that underlie our country. Internal disagreement between our citizens and our government is healthy to a point. When philosophical debate worsens into violent disputes with each other, competing city-states (Blue State, Red State) open us to the kind of gridlock and fractious nature that is so evident. Today’s article will explain the plusses and minuses of who we are and where we are going.

Global Contrasts in Balkanized America:-


An absence of inspired leadership has led to an unhealthy free-for-all for this Republic. But let’s look at the rest of the World first. Unlike the rest of the World, we are not a homogeneous society. Homogeneous societies possess a certain societal calm that results from most having the same general customs and traditions. We are an amalgamation of the rest of the World as a result of our immigration policies. Currently, but not historically, we actively encourage people from everywhere on Earth to come here, legally or not. Mixing pots, like our country, has had a tortured history of hatred and violence, even between people from the same general regions. Look at the Irish, for example. Their entry into our country was fraught with violence, isolation, and disdain; for example,

“No Irish need apply here.” 

The same applied to Italians, Jews, Russians, and Asians. With few exceptions, over a couple of generations, most of these individuals gave up their former identity and customs. (except for the occasional ceremonial purposes). They became Americans fiercely loyal to their adopted country. The American melting pot writ large.

It should be controversial to support what advances the country’s best interest regarding balkanized america. However, the many immigrants uninterested in becoming assimilated require a different take. Fairness is, unfortunately, based on each person’s perspective. I have a friend who sees no difference between admitting a Nobel Laureate or an 80-year-old uneducated Guatemalan. But everyone does not have a right or a claim to live here. Not everyone who wants to come here can or should do so. Suppose everyone who wanted to, the 158 million people who have expressed their desire to come here, did; they would quickly destroy the Golden Goose. Yet, many don’t see the distinction, and that’s a problem.

Reality Check – Calls for Drastic Action:-


At this time, severe immigration limitations are essential. We must close our borders (with specific exceptions) until we deal with the reality of more than 20,000,000 people, authorized or not, who are hiding here. I spent many hours trying to find verifiable support for that figure. The government knows but isn’t answering Congress’ questions. Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas was recently asked how many immigrants have arrived since the Biden administration took office. Mayorkas would not answer. However, Senator Ron Johnson gave a number of 6 million.

In 1950, America was 89% White. By 2020, that number had dropped to under 62%, and we were declining on various economic, societal, and other metrics. By approximately 2040, or perhaps much sooner at the current migration rate,  Whites will be a minority in this country; what are the ramifications of this change?



Post WWII and through about 2000, the U.S. was a powerhouse,  the undisputed leader in the World. In the blink of an eye, our country is declining and floundering. The single most consequential reason is deliberate unrestrained immigration. How else to explain the crash in our country’s fortunes? Still, the reality is that our political predicaments are the nexus result of dealing with a non-homogeneous society that can no longer sustain itself through traditional means.
Where is the debate on what we want our country to be? What’s to be done? “Five years after crossing the border, according to the 2020 DHS Lifecycle Report, just 8% of migrants received approval to remain in the U.S.” But, according to Homeland Security, they don’t leave!


European Dilemma: Nations Wrestle with Immigration:-


We are not the only country facing the threat of imminent loss of culture and prosperity; the countries of Europe are ahead of us. Rising immigration pushback from Sweden to Germany remains unresolved, and we see Europeans trying to halt the flows. The relative ease that allows people from Africa, Asia, and Central and South America to reach Western countries is a game changer. In addition, the support these migrants receive, which former generations of immigrants did not have.

The politics of immigration have changed in our balkanized america. To get here, immigrants are getting help from non-profits, the UN, and, yes, the United States government through money funneled through third countries and NGOs. That deep, dark secret is now being revealed to us. Once they get here, immigrants get a wide array of support, costing all of us money. New York admits it costs them over $60,000 per immigrant yearly. This is in addition to other costs borne by charities and the Federal government.  Wide-open immigration costs tens, perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

What about the security implications? Who doubts that Iranian proxy groups have infiltrated our borders? How about Chinese or Russians bent on mayhem? Or what about plain old criminals and criminal organizations like the Cartels or the notorious MS13? Why wouldn’t a sane country want to:

  1. Vet everyone coming across its borders and reject those with a criminal record.  No vetting, no admission.
  2. Admit only immigrants who plan to or can be readily assimilated into mainstream America.
  3. Reject unaccompanied minors who become anchors for others to come.
  4. Demand health checks to ensure diseases are not brought into our country.
  5. Create an up or out process that requires self-sufficiency, command of the English language, and other standards or force eventual removal.
  6. Bring an end to Birthright Citizenship.


The intended Balkanization of America is not about altruism but rather societal change. I am not a racist, but some will believe otherwise as I postulate the following statement.

Through intentional government acts, Progressives and foreign influences plan to realign our country into a non-white country with a smaller resource footprint and a profound belief and acceptance of the importance and supremacy of government over the individual.


Political Chessboard – America’s Latest Struggle:-


Balkanized america war is already begun. Our lives will be shorter, our expectations lower, and the highs and lows within our ranks will be evened out. You can bet, however, that the one-percenters will continue to pull the strings together with politicians, academics, and others who believe America is/was dangerous to the World and needs to be fundamentally changed. Is this what we are willing to accept?

The balkanized america is well underway through the diminishment of the power, innovation, and prestige of those who once created the miracle that was America. A friend always says it takes only 3% of us to say otherwise, and we can push the Destroyers back. The question is always hanging in the air: do we have the resolve to take such action for our beloved country?

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

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