A Better Way |

The world is in turmoil. What used to be difference of opinions has turned into hate/anger and violence…not just referring to the Middle East conflict as that has been an issue for thousands of years but in countries that had been Leading Democracies such as France, the UK, and of course the United States. The conflict exposed what we should have all seen coming… A generation of people who have grown up with exposure to misinformation through the internet and social media without the proper education of truth…leading to millions around the world who have hate in their heart…hate and division is the goal of Satan…in order to defeat this evil we must expose their hearts to the only absolute truth…the Love of God…this is not an easy task as all the laws, news stories, political maneuvers, etc. will not do it. We, as children of God, must begin by sharing His Word…one person at a time…it has taken years and years to get the world to where it is at….and it will take years and years to change the hearts of those who believe Satan’s Lies…but we must start and never stop…as we have seen throughout history…when we become complacent we allow evil to seep into every aspect of society.

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