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A Seat on the School Board Reserved for Illegal Aliens? – HotAir

Everybody knows the endgame Biden is aiming for with the border crisis: illegal aliens voting in our elections.

It’s not a conspiracy theory if the facts are plain to see; already, 19 states issue licenses to illegal immigrants, and at least here in Minnesota, they are indistinguishable from all other licenses. Same-day voter registration without ID is already the law of the land here and in many places, and several cities already allow noncitizens to vote in local elections.

A Maryland county wants to go one better: to create a school board seat that can only be filled through the vote of illegal immigrants exclusively.

You read that correctly: only illegal immigrants can vote for the member that will sit in that seat and vote on education policy.

Illegal immigrants already get a say in education policy because the county allows them to vote for school board members–a terrible precedent but hardly surprising these days. But that isn’t enough; the county is arguing in court. Illegal immigrants need to have an outsized say by being guaranteed a seat and voting rights on the school board itself.

Howard County, Maryland, says it would be allowed, under the 14th Amendment, to create a school board seat that only immigrants without documentation could vote for.

The county made the assertion last month while arguing before a federal appeals court to defend its current practice of having a designated student school board seat that only public school students can vote for.

Some county residents have challenged the idea, arguing it amounts to unconstitutional discrimination in voting, both against religious school students who lack a vote and against the county’s general electorate, which has no say in an elected post.

“It’s a zero-sum game,” said Michael Smith, a lawyer for the challengers. “To empower students to choose one of eight members of that board is to disempower the electorate. You have 12.5% of the voting authority of that board that’s removed from registered voters.”

Eight Maryland counties have a student member on their boards of education.

Think about what it would mean if the combination of an illegal immigrant seat and a student-only seat is allowed to stand: 25% of the school board would be held by people who never went before the voters.

Democrats keep talking about “saving democracy,” but their version of democracy is that only they are given a voice in the system. Dissenters are domestic terrorists, White supremacists, settler colonialists, or some such group that must be suppressed. The FBI should investigate them, their candidates should be excluded from the ballot, and the voices of the oppressed must be elevated above theirs.

Pointing this obvious fact out is not engaging in conspiracy theorizing; it is pointing out what is happening before our very eyes.

Right now, the Biden Administration is demanding billions of dollars for “border security,” but “border security” to them means ever more bureaucrats to ease the process of distributing aid to illegal aliens and giving them paperwork, phones, and welfare. As with “democracy,” “security” has been completely redefined and twisted out of recognition.

If we had an MSM that had an ounce of integrity, these facts would be blasted out to the public so that we could have an honest debate; if the majority of Americans favor these policies, so be it. But I think we all know they don’t, which is why the media colludes with the Left to hide the facts.

Our system of government and our culture are being systematically dismantled. We live in an America where the leading presidential candidate of a major party is being stripped from the ballot, and the Elite applauds this “defense of democracy.”

The one irony of Howard County’s move is that it is quite possible that the illegal immigrant member of the school board might turn out to be a thorn in the side of the Left.

Most immigrants want their children educated, not transed. It would be hilarious to watch the Left’s head explode.

That is a fantasy, though. You know that the Left would find a way to put their own favored candidate in for that seat. Even the illegals would be disenfranchised in the end.

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