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Alphabet Activists the Most Entitled, Obnoxious People on Earth – HotAir

Go back ten years or so, and it was a different world regarding sexual minorities.

Few people cared about drag queens performing for adults. Gay marriage controversies were dying down, and anti-gay discrimination was almost entirely in the past. Most people thought that transgenderism was weird, fringe, and basically harmless. There were so few transgender people that the issue rarely came up, and few people cared much.

Even the gay marriage debate was more about the term than the legal rights–opponents wanted to carve out a space for traditional marriage, but most were no longer objecting to a legal equivalent in civil unions.

Fast forward a few years and alphabet ideology is everywhere, and the alphabet ideologists are basically tied with the pro-Hamas crowd and the Climate Change cultists for being the worst people to share spaces with. They are even more obnoxious than vegans.

It is all about power and privilege. There is an inverse relationship between the oppression claimed by activists and the actual power and privilege they wield.

We see this everywhere we look. Few of us would care much about the few actual transgender people among us, but the recruitment of children, the obnoxious, in-your-face demands for obeisance, the mutilation and sterilization of children…it is and is intended to be an assault on the dominant culture.

Alphabet ideologists demand to rule the rest of us. What we say, what we think, who can play what sports, what spaces woman may or may not use in privacy. Unless we kiss their feet, date them on demand, pretend that men can be pregnant, or use their newly invented pronouns we are to be canceled.

A great case is this privileged activist Tommy Dorfman, a celebrated trans activist who uses his male name (no deadnaming, at least), is clearly male, but bullies a working guy for “misgendering” him.

Dorfman complains that he is suffering human rights abuse when the poor gate agent is just trying to do his job. Dorfman is a celebrated actor who sponsors products for major brands, and yet he feels the need to get a guy fired for saying “sir.”

Why? Because he can, and having the power to destroy others has always been attractive to a certain kind of tyrannical personality. The destruction itself is the goal.

This is why the rules are always changing. You literally cannot keep up with the changes in the pronouns, the rules, the things that get you canceled. As I have written before, there are many lists of dos and don’ts, pronouns, and microaggressions to avoid, and in the end, they all note that you have to keep checking back because the lists change and expand.

The message is clear: we are in charge, and you must obey. And, of course, we are coming for your children and there is nothing you can do about it. You must pay for our surgeries, kiss our feet, call us what we want, and if you don’t, you will lose your job and social standing.

And we will plaster your shame all over the internet. Because, as you see, not only did this activist shame this gate agent in public but blasted his face across the world. It is about destruction.

All the Left-wing activists have similar strategies. They destroy our art, deface our monuments, block our movement, poop on the street, and demand we embrace their assault on everything we value.

If the activists tried to explain, persuade, debate, or even lobby the level of conflict would drop to almost nothing. I would still oppose them, but I wouldn’t spend so much time fighting them.

But they are horrible people. Terrible, horrible, no good very bad people. And they must be defeated.

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