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America’s Vicious Soft Civil War

War is a hot political topic. For me, growing up in America has always involved the subject of war. For decades I have listened to rants about the war on poverty, the war on crime, the war on the family, and even the cold war.

Throughout my 16 years of education, my studies included the Revolutionary war, the civil war, the first world war, the second world war, the Korean war, and my generation’s Vietnam war.

Fast forward to President Donald J. Trump, the most disruptive president of modern times. More disruptive than Nixon, Obama, and all others. President Trump is the greatest disintermediary to occupy the White House. He has single-handily turned Washington, DC upside down and shaken the political culture, allowing all the filthy secrets to spill out on the pavement.

We’re now hearing that America is on the verge of another war. A civil war. I do not agree. We are not on the verge of war as we have known it. We are engulfed in a new kind of non-military conflagration. America is at war with America.

War has been declared against Donald Trump by the administrative state. We’re all involved, like it or not. Every citizen is now a soldier. Every one of us is a potential victim of a new, vicious, soft civil war. Like the blue and the gray, we’re being lined up on one side or the other, forced to declare our loyalty.

This war could be the final war that will end all wars. You see, not since the Civil War of 1860 have we been at one another’s throats in a fight to the end.

Our vicious, soft civil war is a mash-up of politics, constitutional law, federal power, money, cultural values, and the proper role of government in our lives. In a way, this has been our predictable destiny. For nearly seventy years we have been allowing America to be gradually transformed into something the Founders never envisioned, a liberal state, run almost entirely from a centralized location.

We are at war with a behemoth government controlled by elite politicians, activist judges, liberal education, and a vacuum of individual and collective virtue.

We are at war with the government. There is no uniformed militia lined up in the streets pointing loaded weapons at the opposition. We are aligned around opposite sides of a cultural conflict about how the government is supposed to work for the electorate. Our contemporary war is a soft civil war over whether we ought to have a principled government that serves the people and the states as stewards, rather than monarchs.

It’s a bloodless war, but make no mistake about the lethal nature of the conflict. The outcome of our vicious soft civil war will be deadly to the Republic, the promise of liberty, and the principle behind America’s basis for existence, “we the people.”

The venomous poison of big government has been flowing through the veins of America, taking its toll. This is a war about liberal government, social sentiment, globalism, the rule of law, and Judeo-Christian values.

America has no king but the Creator who has endowed us with unalienable rights. The government has usurped this role, pretending to transcend this endowment with a promise of utopia. This is what the political war is all about. This is a battle to the death.

The current dust-up over President Donald Trump is the predictable culmination, the high point of a cultural crescendo that has reached its zenith.

This soft civil war is a battle that will decide if the elites can defuse and defang a President they don’t like…one they hate! Congress wants to un-elect a President, largely based on what it sees as a contrary style, adverse personality, and disruptive commitment to an America first agenda.

At the end of this conflict, which could last multiple years if not decades, the carnage will be significant. The bounty and booty will be ultimate control of America’s destiny, its people, its culture, and our liberty.

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