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Asa Hutchinson suspended his presidential campaign today. I know what you’re thinking – he was still in the race?

Yes, he was and had been campaigning in Iowa. He finished sixth in the Iowa caucuses. I guess after Vivek Ramaswamy suspended his campaign immediately after coming in fourth and endorsing Trump Monday night, Hutchinson realized it was ridiculous to continue. The former Arkansas governor never gained any traction in the primary race as an anti-Trump candidate because Chris Christie had that lane. He remained in 1% territory. At one point he said he would make a decision about remaining in the primary by Thanksgiving. Most people thought he would suspend his campaign then. But, no. He remained in the race. Hutchinson only participated in the first RNC-sponsored debate, unable to qualify for those that came after that. He persisted.

“I stand by the campaign I ran,” Hutchinson said in a statement. “I answered every question, sounded the warning to the GOP about the risks in 2024 and presented hope for our country’s future.”

Hutchinson, a vocal critic of former President Trump, launched his presidential campaign in April and said that the former president should drop out of the race.

“The office is more important than any individual person,” Hutchinson said at the time.

Like Chris Christie, Hutchinson was running in order to stop Trump. Hutchinson called for Trump to get out of the race. That was never going to happen. It was a vanity run for both Christie and Hutchinson. Christie focused solely on New Hampshire where he is well-known and liked. Yet, Christie suspended his campaign last week, ahead of the Iowa caucuses as he could no longer deny the writing on the wall. Like Hutchinson, Christie’s campaign was going nowhere. He was in third in New Hampshire, behind Trump and Haley.

Also like Christie, Hutchinson prided himself on telling the truth about Trump. He sold himself as a principled Republican with experience. He does have an impressive resume for a Republican candidate but the problem is that he is an establishment kind of Republican and that isn’t what is popular right now among the base. The base of the party are the ones who are the most dedicated to participating in caucuses and primary elections. From all indications, the base still wants Trump. According to the Iowa caucuses results, 49% of Republican primary voters in Iowa wanted someone else.

This presidential election cycle is different than previous presidential election cycles. Biden and Trump are setting it up as a race between two incumbents. Immigration and the economy are the top issues with Republican primary voters. Many Republican voters are looking back at the Trump administration and remembering that the economy was historically good and the southern border was as closed as it can be. Inflation was not a problem. Unemployment was low across all demographics. Everything was going well until the pandemic happened. Compare that to Biden’s America and the direction he has taken the United States. It is night and day. The question is whether or not Trump can win a general election against Biden. Both men have high negative marks. One hopeful sign for Trump is that Biden’s negative numbers across the board are historically low numbers. He’s worse than Jimmy Carter.

Hutchinson congratulated Trump on his win in Iowa.

“I congratulate Donald J. Trump for his win last night in Iowa and to the other candidates who competed and garnered delegate support. Today, I am suspending my campaign for President and driving back to Arkansas,” Hutchinson said in a written statement.

Hutchinson’s presence in Iowa has been a steady heartbeat set in the background of a clamorous field of candidates. But his level-headed demeanor and “consistent, conservative” message have failed to spike momentum with prospective caucus goers in Iowa.

Trump put on a charm offensive in his victory speech Monday night in Iowa. He called for unity, clearly hoping the others would move aside after his clear victory. Shortly after that speech, Ramaswamy suspended his campaign. It’s notable that North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum was on the stage with Trump. Burgum endorsed Trump recently. Perhaps he’s looking for a spot in the Trump cabinet if he is the Republican nominee and successful in November.

Now, what about Ryan Binkley? He is someone you haven’t heard about but he’s still in the race.

Texas businessman and pastor Ryan Binkley said Monday night, “I’m still standing,” quoting the Elton John song playing at his post-Iowa Caucuses event in Des Moines.

Binkley is staying in the GOP presidential primary race. “We’re still running and fighting for our country,” he told a small crowd of about 30 supporters in downtown Des Moines.

Binkley said he will go on to the primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Binkley earned 0.7% caucus votes Monday night.

And, on we go.

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