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Biden Administration Demands Governor Abbott Stop Blocking Border Patrol Along the Mexican Border – HotAir

Governor Abbott used his emergency powers and seized city property along the riverfront at the border in the Eagle Pass area. This includes federal processing locations and equipment.

This move was to put a stop to Border Patrol agents from using a multi-acre city park as a staging center for illegal immigrants who cross the Rio Grande River into Eagle Pass. Abbott is doing all he can to stop or at least slow the constant flow of illegal immigrants into Texas. DHS is now telling Texas to stop preventing Border Patrol agents from helping illegal immigrants come into Texas. The strip of land that Abbott seized goes to the river. The Texas Department of Military will not allow Border Patrol agents to cut razor wire to let illegals through the barrier or other helpful measures. The Texas National Guard stops them.

The left’s hair is on fire because they want the illegals ushered into Texas with as little hassle as possible. Biden’s DHS demanded on Sunday that Texas stop blocking the Border Patrol’s access to the border. The death of three people – a woman and two children – drowned Friday in the Rio Grande River seems to have been behind the letter that was sent to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. The letter came from DHS.

The letter, directed to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, states that Texas’ actions “have impeded operations” and are unconstitutional. It also cites the incident on Friday when Border Patrol contacted Texas officials after learning of a group of migrants attempting to cross the Rio Grande and requested access to the border but were denied. Three people died.

“Texas’s failure to provide access to the border persists even in instances of imminent danger to life and safety,” the letter from DHS General Counsel Jonathan Meyer reads. “Texas has demonstrated that even in the most exigent circumstances, it will not allow Border Patrol access to the border to conduct law enforcement and emergency response activities.”

The story of the drowning is in dispute. Border Patrol is reported to have blamed the Texas National Guard for letting the illegal immigrants drown. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) sided with the Border Patrol over the Texas National Guard. In the end, it looks like Mexican officials recovered the bodies because they were on the Mexican side of the border.

The Biden administration took their complaint to the Supreme Court on Friday. Texas responded on Saturday.

The Biden administration told the Supreme Court on Friday that Texas is effectively blocking the agents from accessing a portion of the US-Mexico border, stressing that new barriers erected by the state “reinforce” the federal government’s need for the high court to quickly intervene in the matter.

Texas officials responded early Saturday, arguing in a filing to the Supreme Court that the state is “working promptly” to ensure US Border Patrol agents have access to a boat ramp used to launch patrol boats into the Rio Grande.

Meyer stated in his letter to Paxton that while Texas claimed to have reopened the use of the park, the state continues to prevent Border Patrol from entering, and warned of potential additional legal action if the state doesn’t halt its efforts.

“We demand that Texas cease and desist its efforts to block Border Patrol’s access in and around the Shelby Park area and remove all barriers to access in the Shelby Park area,” the letter states.

“If you have not confirmed by the end of day on January 17, 2024, that Texas will cease and desist its efforts to block Border Patrol’s access in and around the Shelby Park area and remove all barriers to access to the U.S.-Mexico border, we will refer the matter to the Department of Justice for appropriate action and consider all other options available to restore Border Patrol’s access to the border,” the letter continues.

Expect these battles between the Biden administration and Texas until we get a new president in the White House. The Biden border crisis is intentional. Biden wants to fight Texas for trying to do his job instead of fighting illegal immigration.

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