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Biden Mixed up Mexican Prez with Egyptian Prez During Presser Meant to Show Competence – HotAir

I watched Joe Biden’s last-minute address to the nation Thursday night to prove he is mentally capable of performing his duties as President of the United States. It was a stunning performance. I have some thoughts.

Here’s the thing – the jig is up. The Emperor has no clothes. What we have known for some time has been confirmed by Biden’s own DOJ. He is not mentally capable of being the leader of the free world.

Joe Biden was supposed to reassure the nation that he’s in charge and he is up to the job. Instead, we got an angry, defensive, partisan old man. He should never have been shoved out before the press to make excuses for his handling of classified documents Thursday. It was too late in his day for such a move. Biden is at his best in mid-morning. After that, everyone just holds their breath. He should have waited until Friday morning, after a night’s rest and some coffee, before facing the press.

The press is experiencing the biggest story of their careers at this moment in time and they have pent-up frustration over a lack of access to the president. He avoids them as much as he can. Unlike Trump, who will stand and answer questions all day long, Biden isn’t capable of doing that. 

The Biden speech was hastily announced about a half hour before it was to begin. Then, as is his habit, he was late. Voices on the internet were going nuts with all kinds of speculation as to what he would say. One person tweeted that D.C. sources said he was late because John Podesta was talking him out of resigning.

I don’t think Biden has any intentions of resigning. His ego is huge and he can’t admit he was found to have improperly handled classified documents. The special counsel decided not to charge Biden with a crime because he is too old and has a loss of memory. The special counsel said that a jury would think Biden is a sweet old man who has lost his memory. So, Joe is off the hook.

Joe Biden lied several times. He said he did not share classified information when the special counsel’s report said he did. He showed a ghostwriter documents. Then that ghostwriter destroyed the tape of their conversation, thereby destroying evidence in the case. 

He said he did not willfully retain classified documents. The report clearly states that he did just that. 

Biden threw his staff under the bus and blamed them for packing up classified documents and moving them to his garage. How did his staff get those documents if Biden didn’t have them in his possession? Biden had no right to have those documents and his staff certainly didn’t have access to them on their own.

Biden blames the October 7 massacres in Israel for his forgetfulness during his 5 hours of questioning over two days with the special counsel. He said he was managing an international event. That is some kind of statement – the United States isn’t running the Israel-Hamas war. That is what Bibi Netanyahu is doing.

He denied that he forgot when his son, Beau, died. He got emotional about that. He said he wears his son’s rosary every day and then he forgot the church where the family holds memorial services for Beau on Memorial Day every year.

Biden kept saying, “My memory is fine.” Almost from the beginning of his speech, he compared his case to Trump’s. It should be noted that the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago and spread documents on the floor of a closet. Trump opened up his home to the FBI days before the raid and they asked him to put an additional lock on a door where some boxes were stored, which he did. Trump did resist turning over documents he thought he was entitled to keep. However, he thought he was still negotiating with the National Archives when the FBI showed up. Also, Trump was president and the only one who had the power to declassify classified documents. Biden was a senator and then vice president when he took documents. 

We are headed to a very serious national crisis. The president is mentally incompetent. This is, frankly, a very scary moment. What do our allies think? What are our enemies planning? I don’t say this lightly – it is time to use the 25th Amendment and get Biden out of office. I know that would mean President Kamala Harris and that is horrifying but it has to be done. The world is on fire, our southern border is wide open, and Americans are struggling. 

The White House press corps was shouting at Biden, asking if he would step down. He refused to say he would. When a reporter reminded him that he said there were many Democrats capable of being president, he said he was the only one who could be president and finish what he had begun. Heaven help us. 

When he was leaving the room, he stopped and went back to the podium to answer another question. It was about the Israel-Hamas war. He said Israel had gone too far with Gaza, which is newsworthy. Then he mixed up his answer on aid to Gaza. Biden blamed the president of Mexico instead of the president of Egypt for difficulties in getting aid trucks into Gaza.

Biden thinks he has an excellent legislative record. He isn’t going anywhere, at least not now. We’ll have to see how this all plays out. It was interesting that the press was aggressively asking if he would step down now. The CNN reporter asked that question. 

A bad week for Republicans on Capitol Hill has turned on a dime. The Biden White House and re-election campaign is in crisis. Can they manage the crisis? Will Joe Biden be the nominee? Will Biden finish out his term? All of those questions are up in the air right now and that puts our country in jeopardy. No amount of spin is going to get Biden out of this.

The press conference only produced more questions. Biden didn’t settle anything. 

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