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Biden: You Suck – HotAir

If you look at the current polls, for what they are worth, Donald Trump is ahead of Joe Biden.

Biden’s pitch to change the minds of those who think Trump is the superior choice? “You suck.”

Actually, that’s not strictly right. Biden isn’t trying to move the votes of people who already support Trump; he is trying to scare the Americans who have yet to conclude that they can stomach voting for Trump even though they know that Biden is a disaster.

Most Americans know that, including Democrats who voted for Biden.

Biden’s support for reelection is in the 40s, but his approval rating is well below that. And that is the case due to a combination of residual party loyalty and, frankly, an irrational fear of the opposition. It is that irrational fear that Biden’s campaign needs to stoke.

Biden’s campaign, in other words, is going to be based on nonstop accusations and the stoking of hatred.

Which is what you see in that advertisement and what you will see for the next ten months and a bit. Hate hate hate. Fear fear fear.

The “democracy” pitch that Biden has chosen is filled with irony. As Biden’s proxies work feverishly to push Republicans to support Trump, attack Trump in the courts, and remove him (and Biden’s Democrat opponents) from the ballot, the president will be viciously smearing half the country and claiming to defend “democracy.”

He will defend democracy by any means necessary, including throwing his political opponents in jail, censoring their supporters, sending the FBI after anybody who criticizes him, and attacking the Supreme Court.

There is no length to which he will not go in order to defend “democracy.”

Because, let’s face it, people like you and me are fascists (we would like to choose a president who opposes open borders, sees Iran as our enemy, wants freedom of speech, and who hasn’t sold every policy he can to foreigners in exchange for funding Hunter’s cocaine habit).

President Biden is betting that enough Americans are so appalled by Donald Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol that they won’t let the former president back in the White House.

Why it matters: Biden aims to put the deadly assault on the Capitol at the center of his re-election campaign in the same way he portrayed the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville during the 2020 campaign: as a Trump-inspired threat to democracy.

Zoom in: In a speech at Valley Forge, Pa., on Friday, Biden will make clear that reminders of the Capitol riot and Trump’s push to overturn the 2020 election will be constant themes in his 2024 campaign.

  • Senior campaign officials say that the venue is apt as it is where George Washington’s army endured a frigid winter in 1777-1778 before uniting his army and fighting for democracy and freedom against the British–Biden will try to rally his party for a fight against “MAGA extremism.”
  • Senior campaign officials also say Washington offers a contrast with Trump as he peacefully and voluntarily stepped down from power after his time in office.
  • Biden will speak again about the Jan. 6 riot on Monday at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C. — a Black church where a white supremacist murdered nine people in 2015.
  • Biden will try to cast the November election as not just about large policy differences — but as an existential threat to the republic with Trump likely to be on the ballot.

As Leftists have destroyed city after city, marched in support of terrorism, invaded government buildings across the country, and sparked a crime wave that has been hollowing out our public squares, Biden points the finger at Trump supporters and attacks them as the enemy of the people.

The man who even Democrats say is ruining America’s great cities with a flood of illegal immigrants whose combined population is greater than many states combined–somewhere between 8 and 10 million illegal aliens, and coming in at an increasing rate–has identified the real threat: you and me.

We don’t want the world burning due to wars caused by Biden’s weakness; we want law and order; we don’t want alphabet ideology shoved down our throats; we want a thriving economy.

We must be stopped.

Americans know that something is wrong with the country, and they know it is Biden’s fault. What the mass in the middle aren’t sure of is whether or not Trump might be worse. Is Trump a threat?

Joe Biden and the MSM will spend the next 10 months trying to convince you that he is, and they will do so not only by attacking Trump but every single American who supports him.

Their tactics are despicable, as are their policies.

Biden is willing to burn down the country in order to keep power, and you can rest assured that his supporters in the MSM and in the Democrat Party will be aiding him in every way. They are attacking the courts, attacking Republican governors trying to save their states, and they are attacking you.

Brace yourself because you will be demonized as never before. The gloves are off. It will be hate hate hate for the foreseeable future.


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