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Call For a Mop – There’s Been an Evisceration During Congressional Testimony and the Floor Is Slippery – HotAir

There was a congressional hearing yesterday on “immigration” and “the border” in which concerned congressman quizzed witnesses and widely acknowledged Experts™ about border security and the unfettered access illegals have to our country.

One of these immigration Experts™ is a fellow from the Cato Institute named David Bier. A tweet pinned on his X account brags about the SCOTUS DACA decision citing him “albeit indirectly” (whatever tf that means), so his utterings apparently carry some consequence in certain circles. As his biography page at that formerly esteemed think tank describes him, Bier is an unimpeachable, authoritative source of knowledge on all things pertinent to the subject of the hearing. Of course, they called him – who better?

David J. Bier is the associate director of immigration studies at the Cato Institute. He is an expert on legal immigration, border security, and interior enforcement.

Have we established Mr. Bier’s expertise credentials to everyone’s satisfaction? Great.

Mr. Bier took his tremendous memory banks and equally impressive sense of his own worth into a House Oversight Committee hearing yesterday, the very subject of which had to be a complete anathema to his tender sensibilities – “The Biden Administration’s Regulatory and Policymaking Efforts to Undermine U.S. Immigration Law.” He then proceeded to opine Expertly™ upon the situation at the border, the ramifications thereof, and lay some foamy Bier truth on Republicans.

In a side note: as an Expert™, you won’t be surprised to find Bier also speaks fluent Orange Man Bad.


I guess he told them.

Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ – R) calmly listened as Rick Moranis’s malevolent clone snarked back smarmy, superior, and contemptuous rejoinders to every single question. And then Biggs proceeded to eviscerate the border security and immigration Expert™ with one simple question:


I WATCHED IT ON VIDEO…says the Biden administration’s subject matter Expert™.

Wait a minute. I’ve seen this movie before…

Ripley : How many drops is this for you, Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Gorman : Thirty eight… simulated.

Private Vasquez : How many *combat* drops?

Lieutenant Gorman : Uh, two. Including this one.

Private Drake : S**t.

Private Hudson : Oh, man

…and it didn’t end well.

The fact Bier hasn’t stepped foot once on the border, less mind personally witnessed a single moment of any of the security and processing measures – nor interviewed those who handle the process itself – yet presents himself as an Expert™ on all aspects of the situation to dispute and discredit what Republicans have discovered while investigating? It is patently obvious the snarling but ultimately empty suit’s arrogance absolutely disgusts Andy Biggs.

Sand castle credentials.

That wasn’t the end of Bier, because his ego is too huge to realize his expert entrails are dragging the floor. Oh, no, no, no.

He has to go super smarm against Rep Anna Paulina Luna (FL- R) about child trafficking of all things. First, the girl is sharp as razors, so I don’t know if he thought he was playing against a brain-dead AOC type, but if he did, that’s a gross miscalculation on his part for a fellow who thinks so highly of his own intelligence.

Secondly, just ick look for a professional, dude.

Bier can’t answer any questions, he can only posture. How many terrorists? Well, he doesn’t know, but he saw the movie.

Now, I’m no immigration expert – I only play one here at HotAir. But I can tell that when we have signs at airports – where there’re taking pictures of me as my boarding pass had damn well better match my Real ID FL license, and my shoes are off – that let illegals traveling by air know they can refuse to have their picture taken, and, oh, it would be nice if they had some sort of paperwork with a name on it in their possession?

We’re in deep, deep doodoo courtesy of empty suit Experts™.

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