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Canceling Kids With Cancer – HotAir

You do have to admit that this is very on-brand for the pro-Hamas crowd.

Using hospitals for political purposes?


Withholding medical care from people they despise?


Going after kids in the name of “fighting Zionism?”


As I said, very on-brand for the anti-Israeli zealots who are digging graves and making waves around the world in support of the “Palestinian” cause.

The other day I saw this video of pro-Palestinian protesters screaming at kids outside a cancer center, and I scrolled past it for some reason. Outrage fatigue? Expectation that the barbarians would be barbarians? I don’t know. I consume so much content/news every day that sometimes it slips past.

I did wonder about the connection between cancer and Palestinian grievance culture, but soon forgot about it.

But then I learned the reason for this outrageous behavior: Sloan-Kettering has accepted $400 million in donations from a Jew who supports Israel, and apparently the money is so tainted in the eyes of these savages that they would rather have people die from cancer than have the hospital use it to treat them.

I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar that Sloan-Kettering doesn’t check the ethnic or political credentials of any of its patients and that if any of these protesters had a child with cancer, they would gratefully accept any help they can get from the hospital to cure them.

And they would get treated. Sloan-Kettering isn’t run by savages. Would that the same could be said for hospitals in Gaza.

These people are sociopaths whose only concern is harming anybody connected in any way to Jews. I fully support their right to make their points in such a way that they get heard and can be part of the conversation, but this isn’t speech; it is vile, disgusting harassment of people who are fighting the Grim Reaper. Innocent children.

I fully understand, although I disagree with, people who think that Israel’s war against Hamas is harming too many civilians to justify. But I don’t believe that many supporters of the Palestinian cause realize just how vile and radical these people are. They aren’t motivated by a desire to find peace and justice; hate is the only emotion in their heart.

Hamas is toying with the lives of the hostages, actually playing a form of roulette.

This isn’t a war between two states; it is a reign of terror being perpetrated by the worst scum on earth. The kind of people who rape women and murder children and then celebrate.

Millions of Americans stand together with these savages. Some know who they are allying with; many are too lazy to research the facts.


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