Brexit Watch

A referendum’s not the answer to the Strasbourg question

THE first rule of Fight Club is: you don’t talk about Fight Club. In politics, it’s about not declaring cynical ulterior motives. That rule just got broken. The idea has been floated about turning the next general election into a ‘Super Thursday’ double poll by bolting on a referendum about whether or not to leave […]

Four years on – The Conservative Woman

FOUR years after Brexit, many still regard it as a mistake. Much at fault here are Conservative ministers, who rarely if ever contradict the falsely negative ‘Rejoiner’ claims. A refreshing exception is Kemi Badenoch, whose Department for Business and Trade has just published an optimistic report on where we stand. We hope that she will […]

The ‘shipwreck’ of Brexit, according to the Voice of France

I WAS sent a little vignette about how the French establishment sees Brexit, or rather more accurately how they would like to portray it. Le Figaro is the establishment self-proclaimed voice of La France, their equivalent of perhaps The Times with a bit of FT thrown in – and to them the mad Rosbif have got what they deserved, ‘a total loss […]