Speaker Johnson will Invite Netanyahu to Address Congress – HotAir

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson says he plans to invite Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress.  What better way for Netanyahu to counter Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s completely inappropriate and disgraceful speech he delivered that encouraged Israel to hold an election while Israel is at war? Schumer […]

I Want to Make TikTok American Again – HotAir

This sounds like a script out of Hollywood — one that Steve Mnuchin himself might have produced. Here’s the pitch: A multi-billionaire with too much time on his hands decides to buy out a social-media platform to save free expression and civil rights in America. Along the way, he meets zany characters like, er, Chinese […]

Government Workers Are Trying to Take Over Congress Now – HotAir

During the Trump administration government employees took it upon themselves to undermine their boss because they didn’t like him or his policies. This is arguably an insurrection in itself, attempting to override the decisions of the elected leader and enforce the policy preferences of people who actually were elected. Damning AND infuriating. BOMBSHELL Thread Shows […]

Rogue Agencies Flout Constitution and Undermine Our Institutions

Students learn in civics class—or at least they used to—that under the U.S. Constitution, Congress passes the laws, and the president and the rest of the executive branch have the duty to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” It seems that many federal officials missed that lesson in school, however, since government agencies […]

AOC Twists Christmas to Support Palestinians Against Israel

Many on the Left have long attempted to reframe the Christmas story to push their political agenda. They urge lax enforcement of immigration law by insisting that Jesus was a refugee. Now, they claim Jesus would be Palestinian today to undermine support for Israel’s response to Hamas’ massacre of innocents on Oct. 7. On Christmas […]