Trump Sues ABC News and George Stephanopoulos – HotAir

Some people are more litigious than others. Donald Trump is a litigious person. That fact is well-known. ABC News and George Stephanopoulos are being sued by Trump and it is delicious. Stephanopoulos is the host of ABC’s This Week on Sunday mornings. A couple of weeks ago, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) was a guest on the […]

Will Florida Become a ‘Libel Tourism Destination’ — and Bury Conservative Media? – HotAir

Florida Republicans want to change defamation laws in the state to hold mainstream-media outlets more accountable for fake news. They might instead write a death warrant for smaller alternative media platforms, especially conservative media, while turning Florida into a “libel tourism destination,” one radio host warns. The axiom Be careful what you wish for applies here, […]

NPR Haz Big Snit at Steyn – HotAir

So, I have to thank our son, Ebola, for this story. Tied up with military stuff in foreign climes, he hadn’t heard about The Trial of the Century: Mann v Steyn. Nor, that after twelve long years of putzing around by notorious former Penn State (now U of PA) climatologist Dr. Michael Mann, the lawsuit […]