Hunter Biden

No, Hunter, We’re Not Dropping the Tax Charges – HotAir

For reasons that remain unclear, Hunter Biden’s attorneys have continued to attempt to have his tax evasion charges dismissed. Yesterday, a U.S. District judge in California ruled on the latest set of eight motions, dismissing all of them. The charges, involving $1.4 million in unpaid taxes while Hunter was “living an extravagant lifestyle” will move […]

Hunter Biden’s Sobriety will Save Democracy – HotAir

Hunter Biden is scheduled to testify behind closed doors tomorrow. He will sit for a deposition though for months he insisted he would only testify in public.  On Monday, Axios published an interview with Hunter. Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences in politics. Hunter rarely speaks to the press. When he does, it usually doesn’t […]

When James Paid Joe As Medicare Fraud Blossomed – HotAir

How many reminders do we need about the massive influence-peddling operation of the Biden family? Politico’s Ben Schreckinger must wonder about that question, too. He has spent the last few years outlining the Biden family business, operated by Joe Biden’s brothers and his son Hunter, and even wrote a book (The Bidens: Inside the First […]

Retaliation Against Hunter Biden Prosecutor – HotAir

The busy bees at Biden Inc. never seem to take a day off. Their golden rule is ‘Thou Shalt Not Do Anything to Inconvenience a Biden.’ Assistant US Attorney Derek Hines may be in the process of learning that lesson the hard way. Hines accepted an assignment to investigate Hunter Biden regarding millions of dollars […]

You Need to Drop Those Gun Charges – HotAir

This week, Hunter Biden was back in court again, where he seems to spend most of his time these days. This time the arguments being presented dealt with the gun charges he faces in Delaware. Hunter’s Attorney, Abbe Lowell asked a federal judge to simply dismiss the charges against his client, claiming that they are […]

Gloves Are Off (Op-Ed By James V. Ferguson, MD)

“If the election were held tomorrow, Biden would still get millions of votes. Why? Because we have incompetent citizens.” ~ Bill O’Reilly Image Credit: Gage Skidmore / CC By James V. Ferguson, MD (contributor to the Tennessee Conservative) – I doubt that O’Reilly is referring to readers of The Tennessee Conservative or the Knoxville Focus, […]

Hunter’s Sugar Brother is Just a Nice Guy, Okay? – HotAir

Hunter Biden’s increasingly famous “sugar brother” Kevin Morris testified before the House Oversight Committee yesterday in what turned out to be a rather lackluster chapter in the unfolding saga of Biden Inc. Morris was there as part of the impeachment probe into Joe Biden, but it wasn’t entirely clear what the Republicans were expecting him […]