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NPR Retaliates Against Whistleblower – HotAir

NPR: How dare people suggest that we don’t tolerate a broad range of viewpoints on our taxpayer-supported platform! Also NPR: All dissenters will be punished. NPR media reporter David Folkenflik somewhat courageously reveals that his employer has suspended veteran editor Uri Berliner for pointing out the obvious about their coverage, credibility, and shrinking trust with […]

All Things Considered, It’s Long Past Time to Defund NPR – HotAir

We missed the first rule of corruption: Follow the money. Yesterday’s confessional from longstanding NPR insider Uri Berliner, and especially my response to it, largely overlooked an important component of the story about NPR’s corruption. And as luck would have it, we can also observe a related anniversary about it. Almost exactly one year ago, […]

An Interview With Mark Judge – HotAir

Earlier this morning, I took an analytical look at media bias and progressive capture through the lens of Uri Berliner’s mea culpa for NPR. Now we can take a much more personal look at those effects by speaking with one of its shame-storm targets.  Mark Judge, a conservative culture writer, found himself one of the […]

How We Lost Our Way at NPR – HotAir

“If you are conservative, you will read this and say, duh, it’s always been this way,” NPR veteran Uri Berliner writes. “But it hasn’t.” Perhaps not, but it’s been that way for longer than Berliner wants to admit, too.  And it’s not just NPR that Berliner dresses down in this detailed and damning mea culpa […]

Biden Gaslights America On “Trans Day of Visibility” – HotAir

Old and busted: New hotness: “I didn’t do that,” Biden said when asked about proclaiming Easter Sunday ‘trans day of visibility.” Asked about Speaker Johnson’s claim otherwise, the president replied, “he’s thoroughly uninformed.” — Philip Melanchthon Wegmann (@PhilipWegmann) April 1, 2024 I know it’s a day later, but the question remains: is there a conflict […]

Christine Blasey Ford Was No Hero, Says … WaPo? – HotAir

Give credit where due. Kathleen Parker likely angered most of her paper’s readership by declaring the obvious, and indicting her own employer in the process.  Christine Blasey Ford got her second round of media adulation last month for publishing her memoir of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation she tried to derail. Parker wonders when the media […]

MSNBC Prez Helped Recruit Ronna — Then Chickened Out – HotAir

Blue on blue, heartache on heartache … This story gets more inglorious every day for NBC News and MSNBC. Rashida Jones, the MSNBC president who sided with her channel’s on-air hosts to oppose Ronna McDaniel’s hiring, turned out to be one of the most significant figures in her recruitment.  According to the Washington Post, in […]