Before Fox News, There Was National Empowerment Television

When TV producer Norman Lear died, The New York Times‘ obituary said there were “critics” who insisted the date “All in the Family” premiered on CBS in January 1971 represented a “day of infamy” in American broadcasting. By contrast, for conservative television, 30 years ago this month, Dec. 6, 1993, was a welcomed day and […]

Seldom Is Heard a Discouraging Word About Biden in Most Media

Is President Joe Biden treating the press better than former President Donald Trump did? It’s a low bar to argue he doesn’t describe the media as “enemies of the people.” Is he really treating them as they view themselves—as representatives of the people? Or is he not interested in addressing the people? Are they all […]

5 Media Rules for Conservatives

Deciphering myriad and complex media messages is both a science and an art. To say the media misleads the public is a misnomer. The media does mislead us, by lying to us constantly. If you’re one who naively accepts copy and image as dispensed by the major media outlets, you’re definitely being tweaked. How do […]