Mike Johnson

Can Someone File a Motion to Remove MTG? – HotAir

By this point, you’ve likely already heard that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia introduced a motion to vacate against House Speaker Mike Johnson yesterday. One of the most common responses I saw on social media following the announcement, even from conservatives, was some variation of “Here we go again.” I’ll confess that I probably […]

Speaker Johnson will Invite Netanyahu to Address Congress – HotAir

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson says he plans to invite Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress.  What better way for Netanyahu to counter Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s completely inappropriate and disgraceful speech he delivered that encouraged Israel to hold an election while Israel is at war? Schumer […]

House Asks Speaker for Panel to Investigate Govt. Response to UFOs – HotAir

Last week, the Pentagon’s UFO investigative office, AARO. released the first volume of its long-awaited UAP historical report. A second volume is expected later this year. They concluded that there was “no evidence” to support recent contentions that the Pentagon has been secretly studying captured technologies from non-human intelligence or biological specimens of “extraterrestrials.” In […]

Biden Hosting Congressional Summit on Foreign Aid – HotAir

If we were living in more normal times, this news would barely merit a mention. President Joe Biden is reportedly summoning the four top congressional leaders for a meeting to discuss spending bills intended to provide foreign aid for Ukraine and Israel, as well as a larger spending bill needed to avert a potential government […]

Gaetz Endorses McCarthy – HotAir

Is it a troll, or a serious endorsement? Even Matt Gaetz’ colleagues aren’t certain. Gaetz himself won’t disavow his apparent endorsement of Kevin McCarthy, and his response to reporters when asked about it seem to suggest he might actually believe that Kevin McCarthy would make an excellent Chair of the Republican Party. Mr. McCarthy, who […]

U.S. Senate Border Bill Fails, Ukraine Funding Vote Expected

Image Credit: Senate Democrats / CC The Center Square [By Casey Harper] – A $118 billion deal that combined a batch of foreign funding for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan with a slew of controversial border provisions failed in the U.S. Senate Wednesday. The text of that bill was unveiled Sunday, but support imploded almost immediately. […]