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Woman Killed in Sledgehammer Attack at California College Campus

Many people in Torrance, California, were acquainted with a kind, gentle, 65-year-old Asian woman who regularly walked her dog in the neighborhood. They were shocked to learn that the woman — whose identity has not officially been released — had been attacked and killed on Christmas Eve, allegedly by a homeless man wielding a sledgehammer. […]

Cops Searching Home Find Trap Door, Missing Girl Discovered Inside

During these merry times, it’s easy to forget that police encounter depravity on a regular basis — and said depravity doesn’t take holidays off. According to WTVQ in Lexington, Kentucky, on Christmas Day, police discovered a missing 16-year-old girl inside a trap door beneath a rug in the bedroom of 34-year-old Zackary Jones’ residence. The […]

Biden Admin Amps Up Its War on Christian University, Goes Step Further After Unprecedented Fine

On Wednesday, the Biden administration stepped up its scrutiny against a Christian college in Arizona when the Federal Trade Commission announced a lawsuit against the school alleging “false advertising.” The FTC is targeting Grand Canyon University in Arizona, the nation’s largest Christian school, with a lawsuit against the school, its marketer Grand Canyon Education, Inc., […]

Is This the Worst Team Ever?

Throughout the annals of NBA history, there have been a handful of teams that have vied for the ignominious title of “worst team of all time.” From 1992 to 1994, the then-awful Dallas Mavericks won all of 24 games total — a win total that would mark a single season an abject failure, let alone […]