Running For Political Office In 2024?

This is the Ultimate Course for the Strategies, Resources & Expert Advice You Need to WIN Your Next Election! Why Should You Bother Learning About Professional Campaigning Before You Run for Office? And What Will You Get? Here’s the truth: Most Conservative political candidates lose when they run against corporately-funded RINOs – but it’s not […]

Legacy Media Tries to Suppress Damaging Information – HotAir

One article showing up this weekend in the Associated Press seems fairly typical of election-year legacy media coverage at first glance. The title makes a generic accusation against “anonymous right-wing users” on social media who are spreading “false information.” Well, we certainly don’t need more of that floating around, so I suppose we’d better look […]

Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Illinois and Kansas – HotAir

The nominations for president are already locked but there are still primaries happening today in five states, including Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Illinois and Kansas. We’ll include Decision Desk HQ widgets below where you can track all of the presidential results plus down-ballot races. The big contest today is the GOP primary for the Senate in […]

What if Iran Held Elections and No One Came? – HotAir

Iran held parliamentary elections on Friday. Voter turnout may have been at a record low. These were the first elections held since the 2022 crackdown on nationwide protests that followed the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody. Mahsa Amini died in September 2022 after she was beaten and arrested by Iran’s morality police. […]

Biden Paying College Students to Register Voters – HotAir

They’re not even trying to hide their plans to interfere with the election at this point. The latest scheme cooked up by the BIden administration was announced by Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday, though it didn’t generate many headlines initially. During a meeting with voting rights advocates, Harris said that the administration has been […]