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CBS Political Reporter Wonders Whether Human Beings Should Go Extinct – HotAir

There is a large faction of the Left that is a death cult. Admittedly, it is only about 95% of them who want to see human beings, or at least most of us, go extinct.

Maybe 99%. Definitely, not all Leftists are death cultists. Probably.

Think about it. What are their big causes? Abortion. Gender ideology, which includes sterilization. Climate hysteria, which requires a dramatic reduction in population. Medical murder. Closing farms.

You name it, and death is connected to it in some way. There is even a movement pushing voluntary human extinction.

So is it surprising to see a CBS political reporter speculate about whether the universe would be better off without human beings?

Well, yes, I suppose it is. It is always surprising to see somebody who is presented to us as sane take off their mask and proclaim that human extinction might just be a good thing. If you are a propagandist for the Left, you are supposed to at least pretend to care about people. It makes for a better response in your audience.

It’s rather funny to think of how hard the Left works to save some obscure minor variant of a bug or lizard, spending billions of dollars to save a snail darter or an owl variant. Yet, when it comes to the human race, well, who cares? Wouldn’t the snail darter be better off if we disappeared?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t give a s**t, unless the snail darter or Rocky Mountain Spotted Dung Beetle is somehow vital to the survival of the human race. That seems unlikely.

Not that I am indifferent to the natural world or natural beauty, but well over 99% of all species that have existed on earth have gone extinct, so one more isn’t going to make a difference. Unless is a vital component of the world’s ecosystem, who cares?

God may one day decide that human beings should be superseded as the dominant species on earth–I don’t know the mind of God–but clearly, He thought self-preservation of both the individual and the species was pretty important. Love of our offspring might affect how we think about keeping the human race alive.

Just sayin’. Kids are important and should be cherished. No human race, no kids.

I know next to nothing about Kathryn except that she likes Cheez-Its and candy corn.

It may be that her willingness to see the human race go extinct is related to her love of candy corn, but I suspect that her hostility to human existence has more to do with a twisted ideology than her enjoying mildly sweetened wax.

I will have to ask somebody who likes candy corn if they often feel suicidal, too. The candy corn/antinatalist connection might be interesting to investigate.

I am sure some enterprising academic could get a nice-sized grant to explore the connection, real or not. Just tie the concept to intersectional oppression somehow. It could be a grant gold mine.

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