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DA Defies County Dems, Sends Epic Message to Criminals After Burglar Dropped by Armed Store Manager

A Republican prosecutor made a bold statement about property crime this week when she said people who burglarize businesses should expect to be shot.

The comment from Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers was related to a case in which a man is accused of shooting and killing a burglar as he attempted to flee the scene of a break-in, WXIX-TV reported.

According to Powers, 16-year-old Travis Johnson, 19-year-old Amontae Carter and three other teens broke into a smoke shop in Delhi Township in the Cincinnati suburbs on Oct. 20.

Tony Thacker, 29, was living in the back of the business, which he managed. He allegedly opened fire on the teens, who fled in stolen cars.

Johnson was killed in the gunfire. Carter was struck by three bullets, according to his attorney, but he survived.


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After the shooting, Thacker and his 21-year-old brother Malachi Thacker allegedly tried to disable the store’s security system and removed shell casings from the area.

Powers is bringing numerous charges against the brothers.

Tony Thacker is charged with felony assault, tampering with evidence, and having weapons under disability. He is not allowed to possess firearms due to a criminal conviction as a juvenile, according to WXIX.

Malachi Thacker is charged with tampering with evidence.

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In a statement about the charges, Powers — a Republican in a deep-blue county — condemned Tony Thacker’s alleged actions.

“There is simply no justification for shooting at someone as they are running away,” Powers said.

But the prosecutor also had a message for would-be robbers.

“However, I want to make perfectly clear — these retail thefts will not be tolerated,” she added. “If you try to rob a store, you should expect to be shot.”

Powers has charged Carter, the other teen who was shot, with multiple crimes, including murder. Carter’s bond was set at over $1 million and he faces up to life in prison if convicted.


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The other suspects, ages 15, 16 and 17, are also facing felony charges, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. Their cases are being transferred to adult court.

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