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Danica Patrick Claps Back at Cancel Culture Mob That’s Slamming Her for Attending Conservative Event

Former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick fired back when she was criticized for attending Turning Point USA’s America Fest in Phoenix earlier this month.

Patrick posted pictures and videos on Instagram from the annual event, which she attended with her sister.

Turning Point USA is a non-profit that promotes conservative viewpoints on college campuses and beyond.

Those attending the event at the Phoenix Convention Center from 16-19 December ranged in age from young children to seniors.

The 41-year-old Patrick, now a NASCAR and Formula 1 racing pundit, wrote in her Instagram post, “Sister came to town to check out @turningpointusa with me! Dad replied to our pic with – perfect daughters. We do love our country…. so AMfest (America fest) makes sense.”


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Patrick’s post included a picture of a product table with “Make America Great Again” hats on it, along with “47” and “Trump 2024.”

She also posted video of part of conservative commentator Tucker Carlson’s speech at the event.

Do you support Patrick’s refusal to apologize?

Patrick shared clips from former Trump Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, comedian Rob Schneider, and “Blexit” co-founder Brandon Tatum, as well.

Outkick reported Patrick received blowback for the post.

Some of the comments to it included: “Trump supporter? Lost all respect!”


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Another wrote: “You say you love our country, yet you support the party that is trying to destroy our country. Makes no sense.”

“Had no idea you were MAGA. Glad you posted this so I know to unfollow and stop supporting anything you’re associated with,” still another person commented.

“How can you say you love your country when you support the guy who incited an insurrection or the party that denies it happened?” one more added.

Patrick replied to it all writing on an Instagram Story Friday, December 22: “Y’ll are losing your damn minds over my turning point post…I am not a liberal. I am somewhere between Republican and independent.

“I think our country should be run by someone that knows business and has integrity. I believe we should be able to speak freely. I don’t think our food and skies should be poisoned. I think it’s bulls**t that Democrats can be proud but a Republican can’t in society,” she continued.

“As a result, there is so much propaganda that penetrates mainstream media. I love this country and I have lived other places. I believe when people of different opinions speak face to face we realize we are more similar than different. I don’t believe everything anyone says.”

Instagram Stories self-delete after 24 hours.

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