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Deep State Using Weather Control to Rig Iowa Caucuses – HotAir

Dear God. I sincerely hope that this is true. It would prove that scientists have finally figured out how to control the weather.

Not that I think using it to put Iowa in a deep freeze would be a good use of the power, but you get the idea…weather control could be great!

Alas, it seems unlikely that even the powerful Deep State actors who despise Donald Trump can control the weather, so what we have instead is yet another example that Donald Trump would do well to distance himself from the crazier elements of his fan base.

Having lived in the Midwest for over 35 years, I can share a secret with you: cold weather and snowstorms are not uncommon this time of year. Defense industry insiders who hide in bunkers or Jews with space lasers need not expend a lot of energy inventing weather control machines in order to create nasty weather in Iowa on a January night, and, alas, they probably don’t have the power to do so.

I wish they did. Not because I want them to inflict pain on Iowans in order to manipulate political outcomes but because our farmers would appreciate a nice spot of weather when the corn and soybeans need it.

One of Trump’s greatest weaknesses is his utter inability to choose wisely the people with whom he hangs out and those he hires. He is a big fan of Laura Loomer and pushed to have her come aboard his campaign–a revolt among his staff and supporters averted that catastrophe–and he keeps reminding us how awful his choices for staff were during his term.

Christopher Wray and Mark Milley come to mind, and if you have trouble remembering all the idiots he hired, just look at his Truth Social account and find all the screeds Trump has published attacking his choices for administration positions.

Laura Loomer and Roger Stone stick out, though, for being especially awful people. Stone revels in being evil, and Loomer is simply unhinged.

Loomer has suggested that Casey DeSantis is hiding her identity and faked her cancer.

Loomer has attacked Riley Gaines by calling her a “dumb bitch,” proving that for the Trump crowd the only standard for judging a person is their willingness to do the most disgusting things for Trump.

In general I believe that a candidate cannot be held responsible for the actions of his supporters. In a country of 330 million (plus God knows how many new residents there are after Biden opened the borders) it is pretty easy to find some crazy out there supporting anybody. Political candidates meet and greet with everybody, so it’s a low blow to attack a person for their mere proximity to a crazy or bad person.

But that isn’t the issue her. Trump loves Loomer. He has her introduce him at events he holds at Mar a Lago, and has made clear that he is foresquare behind her.

And Loomer is a nutcase. She believes that the defense industry is controlling the weather to help Nikki Haley and is willing to put it out there for all to see.

There has been talk about a position in the Administration for Loomer, but I suspect that is just talk. Trump Jr. thought it would be a great idea to put Loomer in the Press Secretary spot, but that probably was a joke.

Still, Trump hangs out with her and allows her to represent herself as a close confidante, and feeds her ego by appearing with her often.

It’s a bad look, and an indication that Trump’s judgment about people is pretty awful. The sole criteria for inclusion in the inner circle is a willingness to abase yourself in support of Trump.

Choosing one’s associates based on fanatical loyalty is not a good trait in an executive; it can be a barrier to making good decisions.

Being willing to push back against bad decisions is a quality that should be sought out in the inner circle.

That, and not being crazy.

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