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Defending Life Is Criminalized In Tennessee!

Image Credit: Thomas More Society

Submitted Kat Stansell (Independent Journalist and Earnest Patriot) –

On Tuesday, Jan. 30, the courts in Nashville delivered a guilty verdict to 6 pro-life advocates.

Their crime?? Protesting AbortionWHICH IS NO LONGER LEGAL IN TENNESSEE!!! 

So, let’s look at this through the Globalist eyes in our Capitol: If we stand against something that is illegal, (that is if we agree with the law), we will be made criminals, and sentenced to years behind bars.  


Every resident of this fast “purpling” state should be nauseated and stunned.

Nashville is nearly as rotted as is Memphis, and I, for one, will NOT put up with this.

Millions of us have just moved to the Volunteer state, after years of research as to the safest and best state in which to live out the horrors that are coming from the Junta in DC. 

The incident occurred in March, 2021,in Mt Juliet, before the abortion was criminalized in TN.

Local police testified that the crowd was peaceful at all times.

In October of 2022, the US DOJ arrested eleven, charging  violation of the FACE Act (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act). I’m not even going to waste your time going on about all the real crimes in this nation that are studiously ignored. I’m too steamed right now. 

If our “Red” governor, Bill Lee, has not issued a pardon to these individuals, for the crimes he has allowed under his governance, by the time this article gets out, I ask that Gov.  Bill Lee be charged with dereliction of duty.

Yes, I know that  judges are not his appointments, but if he wants TN to keep drawing good Americans, he must act.

This totalitarianism has gone too far. This pushes the Globalist cabal’s presence here in the Volunteer state, over the edge.  

Communism is no longer creeping. It has landed and lifted its Luciferian leg on good people. Hear that, Mr. Lee??  Any of us may be next.

Light up the lines in Nashville, if Lee doesn’t grant those pardons, and don’t be afraid to raise your voice.

“Nice” apparently doesn’t work, and our lives are on the line.

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