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Did Fani Willis Just Admit to the Charges Against Her? – HotAir

Fani Willis, the Georgia prosecutor trying to bring Donald Trump down through a RICO case, has been silent on charges that she hired her lover as the special prosecutor in the case.

The charges are damning.

Fani Willis seems to have hired her boyfriend in the case, and the two have been vacationing together on the taxpayers’ dime. Beege has written about the allegations, which are as yet unproven. Read Beege’s piece to get the details, but they boil down to this: hidden in the sealed divorce records of Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor she hired despite having rather thin credentials for the job, is the allegation that Wade and Willis have been doing the wild thing and living high off the hog.

Willis has refused to address the allegations directly but came as close as possible today in a sermon at church. And her response?

She is imperfect, and you are racist for noticing.

To me, that sure sounds like an admission that she did something wrong, and she is retreating to the rarely effective but always useful counteraccusation.

Fani Willis, you see, is MLK in a skirt, and just like MLK, she has sinned. And because she shares the same skin tone as MLK, she should be forgiven for any sin she committed.

Sounds like Black privilege to me. But then again, I am racist for having noticed, because nobody would be criticizing Willis for hiring her boy toy if she were White.

Willis ran for District Attorney of Fulton County on a platform of getting Donald Trump, and she has been doing her darndest to keep her promise to the voters. She is pursuing a RICO case against Trump, which may or may not be solid, but whether it has legal merit seems hardly the point.

What is the point is keeping Trump tied up in court this year and it sure looked like she would be accomplishing that task. A conviction would be a bonus, especially since a president arguably cannot pardon a defendant in a state case.

It really is not too much to ask that a prosecutor who has dedicated the past several years to taking down the former President of the United States not be skimming money off the top in her prosecution and not be diddling the special prosecutor she hired due to his skills in the bedroom.

Perhaps she admires Kamala Harris a bit too much if you know what I mean?

Speaking of whores in the White House, the more troubling revelation last week was the fact that Willis’ loverboy was coordinating with the White House in his prosecution of Trump. According to billing records, he spent hours sequestered with the White House counsel, which suggests that the President of the United States, or at least his legal team, is actively coordinating with a prosecutor to put his opponent in jail.

It’s sordid, banana republic stuff and perfectly in line with what we have come to expect from the Biden Administration and their allies.

At this rate we will soon learn that Willis and her (alleged) boy toy Wade met on Epstein Island.

It would be peak 2024. Until the next Biden-related scandal hits.

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