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Continuing our series of articles by the much-loved TCW writer Nick Booth, who died in September. It was first published on July 19, 2021. You can read Kathy’s introduction here.

GOOD morning, you’re watching GB News. This morning, we’re asking the question: Are you sitting at home thinking: where’s the actual news? Where’s the Great British Public? Does the British public grate too much on GB News? Are you disappointed that it promised so much and delivered so little?

Why don’t you write in and tell us? All you have to do is draft a letter, edit it for maximum impact, revise it. Craft your best work in the hope it might amuse other readers or the panellists on our shows. Email it to gbviews@gbnews.uk

Then sit down and watch the show in its entirety, waiting two hours for them to read out the contributions from the viewers. In vain.

How demoralised do you feel to see your one-liners ignored in favour of 120 minutes of guests agreeing with each other?

Today we’re asking: Do TV people interview each other too often? Would you like to see the discussion widened beyond their circle of friends?

Which mainstream TV shows ask you for your views, then totally ignore them? Does it make you want to kick your TV set in and send them the bill?

Is it just as bad when GB News does it? If they wanted to make the audience to feel included, couldn’t they have, say, a whole programme each day that reads out a selection of feedback? Wasn’t Points of View massively popular when the BBC did it?

Or is TV programming about scheduling a series of Ego-casts? What are you watching on GB News: is it a succession of boring programmes in which TV presenters celebrate the fact that they’ve broken into the charmed circle by endlessly interviewing their new media friends? Why would anyone outside that coterie want to watch?

Today we’re asking the question: Can you think of one standout moment on GB News?

Are you tired of debates about wokeness? Good grief, aren’t we ready to move on yet? We’ve had our revolution so why have we got nostalgie de la boue?

You were promised a Woke Free news station: are you enjoying the endless discussions about the very thing you fled from? Would you prefer that we showed what we can do, rather than moan about other people’s failings?

Did you imagine that now you have your own TV channel, you’d be allowed to move on and start enjoying yourself? Are you feeling liberated yet?

Let us know your views! We won’t read them, but it keeps you watching the programmes.

Coming up next: Has Wokeness gone too far? Will it meet feminism coming the other way?

Why do TV shows repeat themselves so much?

Why don’t you send us your views? Send them to Futile Exercise at Junk Folder dot GB News and we promise we’ll store them until the computer automatically purges them at the end of the week. 

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