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Elections 2024 | The Oligarch Kings

Hogarth “Chairing the Member” 1818

Auld Mac’s Almanack, or what the calendar for 2024 holds.

And boy is 2024 going to be a one huge year for those of us who enjoy following elections and trying to for-guess the result.  Truly we are in for a combo of the World Cup and the Olympics as far as the sheer wealth of elections coming our way next year.   63 elections in total!   Some real big events too, no minor league business this!  This isn’t going to be a faux election for some half-forgotten dictator in a broken state.  The UK will have general elections, and Europe as well, and of course the BIG event running through the whole year and culminating in November will be the United States Election. And America looks like being the biggest surprise of all.

But whilst elections are invigorating and exciting, they represent a pause and stop in governmental and diplomatic process whilst countries make their choices and foreign governments adjust themselves to whom they will be dealing with, especially in drawn out processes like America engages in.  It’s no surprise to predict more popularism (woke-speak for the electorate being angry with the political classes), a shifting right, anti-Green, anti-immigration and anti-Climate change foolery, and of course ditching gender politics! 

All good knock about stuff, but is this the best year for paralysis in quite so many corridors of power in the West?  We have two wars openly being fought, and a third in the Gulf just not declared. Because any election in a country means no one can actually deal with anything.   I doubt it will be a good thing.

So, I suggest you print out the following and pin it on the wall!  One a week all year oh what joy!

January 7             Bangladesh, Presidential

January 9             Bhutan, National Assembly (2nd round)

January 11          Sint Maarten, Parliamentary

January 13          Taiwan, Presidential and Parliamentary

January 14          Comoros, Presidential

January 21          Liechtenstein, Referenda

January 26          Tuvalu, Parliamentary

January 28          Finland, Presidential

February 4          El Salvador, Presidential and Parliamentary

February 7          Azerbaijan, Presidential

February 8           Pakistan, National Assembly

February 14        Indonesia, Presidential and Parliamentary

February 25        Belarus, Parliamentary

February 25        Liechtenstein, Referenda

February 25        Senegal, Presidential

March 1               Iran, Parliamentary

March 8                Ireland, Constitutional Referenda

March 10             Portugal, Parliamentary

March 15 – 17   Russia, Presidential

April 10                South Korea, Parliamentary

May 5                    Panama, Presidential and Parliamentary

May 12                 Lithuania, Presidential and Constitutional Referendum

May 19                 Dominican Republic, Presidential and Parliamentary

June 1                   Iceland, Presidential

June 2                   Mexico, Presidential, Senate and Chamber of Deputies

June 9                   Belgium, Parliamentary

July 15-16           Rwanda, Presidential and Chamber of Deputies

October 8            Mozambique, Presidential and Parliamentary

October 27         Uruguay, Presidential and Parliamentary

November 5       United States, Presidential Senate and House of Representatives

November 12     Palau, Presidential and Parliamentary

November 30     Mauritius, Parliamentary

December 7        Ghana, Presidential and parliamentary

Dates to be fixed but elections certain in 2024

Algeria                  Presidential

Austria                  Parliamentary

Botswana            Parliamentary

Chad                      Presidential and Parliamentary

Croatia                  Presidential and Parliamentary

DRC                        Senate

Gabon                   Constitutional Referendum

Georgia                 Parliamentary

India                      Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

Kiribati                  Presidential

Lithuania              Parliamentary

Mauritania          Presidential

Moldova              Presidential

Mongolia             Parliamentary

Namibia               Presidential and National Assembly

N Macedonia     Presidential and Parliamentary

Romania              Presidential and Parliamentary

San Marino         Parliamentary

Slovakia                Presidential

Solomon Isles     Parliamentary

Sri Lanka              Presidential

Togo                      Parliamentary

UK                          House of Commons

Uzbekistan          Legislative Chamber

Venezuela            Presidential

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