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EU’s Implacable Plod to NetZero Suddenly Tripping Over Itself – HotAir

European Green dreams and climate cult scheming sure are suddenly looking wobbly, and, in all fairness, the brought that Schlitz on themselves.

From the Green Party Bond villains running the former German manufacturing juggernaut into the dustbin of deindustrialization, their insistence on imposing unreliable renewables and uncontrolled numbers of hostile immigrants on German citizens, to making agriculture damn near impossible in member countries including Denmark and France, the story of Europe’s Green Revolution is beginning to unravel at the ballot box. From Luxembourg to Germany – pretty much continent-wide – citizens are voting that they’ve had quite enough of the diktats from on-high, thank you.

And the Brussels crowd is starting to squirm.

It had to be absolutely awful that the lead-in to this European Parliament election season, which should have begun with the anointment of the cause by glitterati at Davos – sort of how they bless the floats before Mardi Gras – was tainted by the appearance at their exclusive enclave of some people who obviously didn’t belong. Some of those kind of people who fly commercial (!) and refuse to follow the script. (*gasp*)

Who let these guys in to cast a pall over the party?

Well. Instead of the expected, rote, unending message of doom, gloom, sacrificial peasants, and bug-eating unanimity from attendees, it seemed forced and frantic. That was mainly thanks to rebels in the ranks on-site, and the unfiltered flow of contrary information available on social medias platforms off-site, ably disputing the platitudes and postulations of the formerly sacrosanct Gaia gurus.

The luster was off the lies.

Now, those elected officials who have foisted the climate cult misery upon their collective citizens while lording it over the demolition of pretty comfortable standards of living (but suffering none of the inconvenience or pain themselves) in the name of global warming are being called to account. Having acted willfully for so long with impunity, the concept of accountability? This is new to them.

Already their toadies in the press are doing the math on a looming electoral gouging that has the real potential to hurt badly enough that it will derail the climate objectives the EU Parliament insists are necessary.

Shaking the Magic 8 Opinion Poll Ball keeps turning up “Outlook not so good” for maintaining the current EU uber liberal majority.

The European Parliament election this year could make passing ambitious climate change policies harder, if the vote delivers the “sharp right turn” that recent opinion polls suggest, researchers said on Wednesday.

EU citizens are set in June to elect a new EU parliament – the body of 705 lawmakers which, alongside member countries’ representatives, passes new EU policies and laws.

The election is expected to yield more seats for populist, right-wing parties, and losses for centre-left and green parties, producing an “anti-climate policy action” coalition in the Parliament, according to a study commissioned by the European Council on Foreign Relations think-tank.

This would significantly undermine the EU’s Green Deal framework and the adoption and enforcement of common policies to meet the EU’s net zero targets,” the study said.


What to do, what to do? Especially when the EU has such big plans…and BIG money to spend.

One can’t have anti-climate types interfering with that.

The EU must invest about €1.5tn a year between 2031 and 2050 to meet its mid-century target of bringing greenhouse gas emissions down to zero, Brussels has said.

The figures are part of a draft document from the European Commission, seen by the Financial Times, that sets out Brussels’ plan for slashing emissions by 90 per cent by 2040 and reaching “economy-wide climate neutrality” by 2050.

It’s easy enough to figure out what they’re going to try to do about it – to stave off the brewing electoral wipe-out and preserve the Green grift.

They’re going to raise the right wing bogeyman. And man, oh, man, does word spread fast when there’s a job to be done. From nervous Nellies whining on X…

…to the usual suspects painting every righteously disgruntled citizen as a virtual Neo-Nazi.

Unhappy with your electric bill, oppressive EU restrictions on your farm or lost your job thanks to a recession?

Why, you might just be a “populist/right-wing extremist.” And we all know what that’s code for in EU-speak.

The news services are helpfully reinforcing how terrifying these people are in case you didn’t get the message the first time.

The European Parliament will swing sharply to the right after the June elections, with anti-EU populist parties gaining seats across the continent, according to a new report by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) think-tank.

“This could have significant implications for the EU Commission and Council’s ability to take forward environmental and foreign policy commitments, including the next phase of the European Green Deal,” said Dr Kevin Cunningham, co-author of the study.

According to the ECFR’s predictions, anti-European populists are expected to top the polls in nine member states: Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, while they are also likely to come second or third in a further nine EU countries.

OMG – not “swing sharply to the right“?! I sense a trend.

To get this sort of desperation rhetoric, the polling has to be an absolute ton worse than they’re letting on. What’s left besides the kitchen sink and “EUROPE IS LOST” to scare people with?!

Then again, the EU has been skirting the acceptable line for a bit now, and are fixin’ to push the envelope hard. I don’t know that people are going to stand for any more of it.

…To demonstrate the potential post-election shift, the researchers compared a recent EU Parliament vote on a law to restore nature against how the same vote could play out after the 2024 elections.

The EU Parliament passed the law in July by just 12 votes. If the same vote was held after the 2024 elections, based on the projected outcome, the researchers said parties opposed to the law could reject it by 72 votes.

The EU election comes as Europe heads into a challenging stage for its efforts to fight climate change.

The bloc is drafting a 2040 CO2-cutting target and considering the measures to achieve it, which will require far deeper CO2 cuts in politically sensitive sectors including farming.

Nah. Enough already.

What I don’t think they realize is that when it comes to the point where people are so fed up they’re willing to tell pollsters they’re fed up, the party in deep Schlitz is even deeper than they realize. Doubling down on what got them there – in this instance, repressive climate cult driven dictates – and pulling a tired trope out to gaslight and smear legitimate dissension isn’t changing a single mind in your favor.

It might even do more harm than good.

I am rooting for the good guys to wipe the floor with the Greens across the board.

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