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‘Experts’ Declare ‘Misinformation’ Greatest Threat in the World – HotAir

The “experts,” of course, are selected by the World Economic Forum, which just so happens to run the annual gathering of the transnational elite in Davos, Switzerland.

I and countless others have written extensively about the WEF; they are the “you must eat bugs to save the environment” types.

They just published their 2024 “Global Risks Report,” which is based on a survey they do of “experts.” And the experts they polled have a simple message: the #1 threat to the globe is “misinformation and disinformation.”

The Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS) has underpinned the Global Risks Report for nearly two decades and is the World Economic Forum’s premier source of original global risks data. This year’s GRPS has brought together leading insights on the evolving global risks landscape from 1,490 experts across academia, business, government, the international community and civil society. Responses for the GRPS 2023-2024 were collected from 4 September to 9 October 2023. “Global risk” is defined as the possibility of the occurrence of an event or condition which, if it occurs, would negatively impact a significant proportion of global GDP, population or natural resources. Relevant definitions for each of the 34 global risks are included in Appendix A: Definitions and Global Risks List

In a sense, they have a point. The foundation for the increasing control of the transnational elite over our lives is based on the systematic spread of misinformation, creating a Narrative that sparks wars, justifies the de-democratization of the world, the destruction of Western economies, the shutting down of farms in Western countries, and the general decline of freedom in formerly Liberal countries.

The Iraq war was sparked by disinformation. The social discord of the past decade was generated by a systematic misinformation campaign that linked Donald Trump to Russia. The evisceration of our civil rights during COVID-19 was driven by disinformation. The widespread adoption of and mandates for the COVID-19 “vaccine” was driven by disinformation. Much of the WEF program is driven by disinformation.

But that is not what they mean. They identify “disinformation” as the spread of information that deviates from their approved Narrative™, and their goal is to shut down all means by which dissenters can counter that Narrative™. What they are pushing for, of course, is even harsher measures for censorship. This is why the Establishment has gone to war with Elon Musk.

Even granting that genuine disinformation–the kind that spreads from the MSM, the government, our education system, and large swathes of corporate America–is a great threat to our freedoms, the claim that even this is the #1 problem, and armed conflict is only the #5 problem is insane.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Hamas’ terrorist attacks have led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, and if a war breaks out over Taiwan, millions could die. But the WEF and its “experts” want us focused on “misinformation.”

I suspect this focus is urgent because elections will likely occur in many Western countries this year or soon thereafter. Canada, the UK, and the US are likely to see major shakeups in power in the next year or two, and the WEF and the transnational elite want an iron grip on the flow of information.

“Misinformation” these days means “people debating the ‘experts,’” and the “experts” are understandably displeased with the idea that the peasants can hear multiple points of view.

By now, it is obvious that of all the people in the world you should distrust, the “experts” are at the top of the list. Nobody else comes close to spreading as much complete BS, or “misinformation,” as they.

Prevent the infection and transmission of misinformation by avoiding them at all costs.


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