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Fani Willis is in deep trouble, and like Claudine Gay and seemingly every black woman who did something really really wrong, she is playing the race and gender cards.

If you didn’t know she was guilty before, this is one more brick in the wall of evidence being built up.

The accusations against Willis are potentially devastating, and she has yet to even deny them. Rather she has been playing victim–appearing at a liberal Black church to rage against White people for expecting Black women to be perfect.

Perfect? How about competent and not entirely corrupt? That would be a start.

She has been accused of hiring her lover and enjoying the benefits of his hundreds of thousands in compensation for prosecuting Trump, suggesting that the more hours that are billed and the longer this drags out the more benefits both she and her lover accrue.

This is illegal and corrupt. So obvious a conflict of interest that anybody with half a brain can see that.

It is arguably a crime, if true, and a huge blow to the already shaky case against Trump in Georgia. The case would not necessarily be dismissed, but the entire process would look even more tainted than it already does. And the likelihood that the trial would take place before the election if Willis and Wade are dismissed is close to nil.

Willis is accused of having a romantic relationship with Wade when she appointed him in this historic prosecution of a former president. Wade has no experience in racketeering law, yet he reportedly was paid more than an expert on Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) cases.

Willis and Wade allegedly went on lavish vacations together, and the costs allegedly were covered by Wade, who has received nearly $654,000 in legal fees since January 2022 — approved, ultimately, by Willis.

Wade has presented himself as the “only individual in the DA’s office who had authority to enter into agreements pertaining to the investigation.”

Wade also has been held in contempt in his messy divorce.

The judge in the case has scheduled a hearing on the allegations in February, and so far, there is little indication that Willis can skate out of this issue. So she and her team have been screaming racism to distract from the weakness of the case and the…lack of diligence of the prosecutor’s team. Even before these recent allegations, the District Attorney’s office has been refusing to respond to emails from the prosecutor’s team because the defense lawyers are mean.

The recent tense exchange unfolded in a group email thread that includes prosecutors and defense lawyers in the case. It began when the lead lawyer for Mr. Trump in Georgia, Steven H. Sadow, expressed annoyance with prosecutors for ignoring a request he had made. On Jan. 5, he wrote to prosecutors: “For the life of me, I cannot understand why you refuse to respond to the series of emails below.”

Five days later, Daysha Young, an executive district attorney who, like Ms. Willis, is Black, wrote that she and Ms. Willis “are both aware, especially as an African American woman some find it difficult to treat us respectfully.”

She added, “Over the last month the emails of some of you have been disrespectful and condescending lacking both professionalism and decorum.” Ms. Young also said that she did not respond to some emails because they were disrespectful.

Mr. Sadow, who is white, responded with an email in which he said that it was “offensive, uncalled for and untrue” to suggest that racism was at play. He also said that Ms. Young’s lack of response to some emails from the defense “suggests a degree of haughtiness.”

Then Ms. Willis weighed in.

“In the legal community (and the world at large) some people will never be able to respect African Americans and/or women as their equal and counterpart,” she wrote in a note addressed to Mr. Sadow but sent to all of the defense lawyers, most of whom are white men. “That is a burden you do not experience. Further, some are so used to doing it they are not even aware they are doing it while others are intentional in their continued disrespect.”

Ms. Willis also made a case for her own fortitude. “Now you know, I cannot be bullied,” she wrote. “So I do not even think anyone on this team thought someone was silly enough to try that as a tactic. As you are aware, I have now experienced some of the most powerful people in the country call me everything, but a child of God. But, yet here I and my team stand still pursuing justice.”

This is childish, unprofessional, and a form of bullying. Racism is one of the most incendiary charges in modern America, and Willis knows it. Which is why she is trotting out the charge now that she is in trouble.

As for demanding respect, given that she constantly attacks the former president of the United States in public and has for years, this is the pot calling the kettle black. She ran for office based on the claim that she would bring down Trump and her entire case, if not proven, is a slander on the president.

Charges of racism these days are little more than a desperate gambit to distract from other issues. But, it is all they have, or, even worse, it is actually what they think. If the former, using the charge is a form of “pounding the table” when you don’t have the facts; if it is the latter, it is a form of delusion that in itself would be disqualifying in a prosecutor. Prosecutors should not behave as if they are persecuted; they have all the power.

The law itself is clear: if the charges are true, then Willis is breaking the law, and she knows it. She is, after all, a prosecutor. She is betraying her oath, her voters, and the law. Knowingly and with malice aforethought. This is not a gray area.

Yet for the modern Left, none of these things matter. The law is what they say it is; words are weapons meant to shape reality into whatever plastic form they desire, and loyalty to and from identity groups is all that matters to them. Willis is a Black woman, and thus can demand deference.

Orange Americans are bad and should be punished. Black Americans–especially Black women–are good and must be adored, regardless of behavior.

Willis has staked everything on prosecuting Trump, and it seems likely she tossed it all away over a fling. Now, she trots out the race card to save herself.

Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

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