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George Soros Spending Millions to Turn Texas Blue – HotAir

Billionaire George Soros has donated $3M to at least five left-wing groups in Texas recently. He’s up to his usual behavior, using his vast fortune to put socialists and other progressives in office.

He is now 93-years-old. Waiting in the wings is his son, Alex, who is taking over his philanthropy empire. Soros uses a nonprofit, Open Society Foundation (OSF), to distribute financial contributions to progressives. The elder Soros’ grasp on progressive politics will only increase with his son, who describes himself as more political than his father. He is particularly concerned about the idea that Donald Trump may return to the White House. The younger Soros has visited the White House more than a dozen times during the Biden administration. He also has tweeted a picture of himself with Kamala Harris.

George Soros is busy this election cycle trying to turn Texas blue with this political contributions. He has been working on that in recent election cycles so this is not unexpected. For example, he was a big donor to the senatorial campaign of Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke when he ran against Senator Ted Cruz in Cruz’s last re-election campaign. Cruz won by only 3 points in that race. Democrats have made Cruz’s re-election a top target this year so look for plenty of Soros money swirling around that race.

The money coming from Soros this cycle in Texas is being used to increase election infrastructure and help Democrat candidates make gains in Republican districts. For example, in August a dark money PAC, Texas Majority PAC, received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Soros’ Democracy PAC II. That is according to Fox News Digital.

Texas Majority PAC had not been publicly launched, nor were there any news reports about it at the time. However, it has since come out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

A recent report by The Texas Tribune said former staffers from Democrat Beto O’Rourke’s failed gubernatorial campaign operate the group, and it raised nearly $2.25 million last year.

“We need millions of more dollars and hundreds of more full-time staff to do this,” the group’s executive director, Katherine Fischer, told The Texas Tribune last week regarding its fundraising. “Texas Majority PAC works with partners across the state to create the conditions that will make flipping the state possible.”

Recently released Texas campaign finance records reviewed by Fox News Digital show Soros has provided all its donations to date. His Democracy PAC II has given the group $850,000 in contributions, while he has personally provided $1.4 million. They account for the PAC’s entire $2.25 million in donations.

Recent donations by Soros include at least $300,000 in the second half of 2023 to CTX Votes, $250,000 to the Texas Organizing Project,$200,000 to the Dallas County Democratic PAC and $100,000 to First Tuesday. Not all of these groups have an online presence. Soros often dwells in the shadows.

Soros is responsible for electing many progressive district attorneys across America who are responsible for the trend of abolishing bail and to support the defund the police movement. He is working to accomplish his version of criminal justice reform by contributing tens of millions of dollars to progressive candidates in district attorney races. He funnels cash through federal and state PACs. He also contributes to non-profits across the country.

The Soros-funded district attorneys are credited for the rise in crime on the streets experienced in recent years. Recently the Texas Organizing Project came under fire last month for bailing out a person charged with killing several people in Texas, including his parents. Progressives seek justice for the criminals, not victims of crime.

Look for lots of Soros money being spent in majority Hispanic districts in Texas. Democrats are worried that many Hispanic voters in areas like the Rio Grande Valley are so fed up with the Biden border crisis and neglect from Democrats that they are waking up and starting to vote Republican. One target is former Rep. Mayra Flores who is running to represent the 34th Congressional District in Texas.

Soros personally has transferred at least $100,000 since August 2023 to the Democratic Party Executive Committee in Cameron County, which is part of the Lone Star State’s 34th Congressional District, where Flores is seeking to unseat Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX). The Democratic megadonor also made donations to Hidalgo and Dallas counties and has wired hundreds of thousands of dollars to the liberal Texas Majority PAC, according to financial disclosures.

Flores, who lost to Gonzalez in 2022 after winning a special election earlier that year, said she was surprised to see Soros’s sizable contributions in Texas. For years, Democrats have sought to turn Texas blue — see Beto O’Rourke’s failed campaigns in 2018 for senate and governor in 2022 — though the Left has been unable to change the minds of conservative voters on key topics such as abortion and immigration.

“They see the work we’re putting in,” Flores said. “George Soros and his far-left dark money allies are pouring all this money into Texas 34 to prevent us from flipping seats. It works to our advantage because we’re going to be able to encourage more people, not just in Texas 34, but throughout the country, to join the fight, to donate to our campaign.”

Flores made history when she won a special election and became the first Republican elected her district in about 100 years and the first Mexican-born member of the House. She was the first Mexican-born member of the House. Flores is working to change the minds of Hispanic voters who have voted for Democrats for decades. She is married to a Border Patrol agent.

Democrats mock Republicans for pointing to Soros as some kind of boogeyman in politics. There is much to be concerned about, though, because his money has contributed to the rise in crime on the streets. I’m keeping an eye on Ted Cruz’s re-election campaign. He won by only 3 points against O’Rourke last time and that is too close for comfort in Texas. It is important that the senators from Texas remain Republicans. And, remember, a Republican cannot win the presidency without Texas. Once Democrats flip Texas, there goes any hope of a Republican president. That can’t happen.

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