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Get Ready for War in Yemen – HotAir

Back in February of 2021, Joe Biden removed the designation of Ansarallah, colloquially known as the Houthis, as terrorists.

Biden did so, one might suspect, because it was Donald Trump who had made the designation, and all things Trump are bad.

Fast forward to January 24th, 2024, and the United States is gearing up for war with the Houthis.

Good move, Biden.

Since the 10/7 attacks on Israel, the Houthis have been firing missiles and drones at Israel and have been doing their best (and it is good enough) to close the Red Sea to Western shipping. This has had the effect of disrupting world trade and cost the United States tens of millions of dollars, firing expensive missiles at inexpensive drones supplied by Iran.

Even more than the money expended–two million dollar interceptors downing $2,000 drones–is the fact that the Houthis occasionally get lucky and hit something or take a ship, making the US look weak and ineffectual.

They can do so because, well, the US has been weak and ineffectual, exasperating our allies. The French got so exasperated that it gave up collaborating with the United States to protect shipping because we were so useless.

All this is part of a proxy war that Iran is conducting against the US and Israel, and the Biden Administration is desperate to build good relations with Iran. He has showered them with money that is currently being used to attack the US and Israel and allowed Iranian proxies to attack Americans with impunity. His administration allowed an actual Iranian spy to become the top US negotiator with the terror regime and is holding back Israel in its war with Hamas to appease the Iranians.

If Biden had his way, it might go on forever, as the crisis at the border has been. Our allies, though, use the Suez Canal and the Red Sea, so momentum has been building to do something about the Houthi threat. A threat that if the US had either not restrained the Arab countries from eliminating it or if the US had responded forcefully when the attacks began, it would have been diminished or eliminated.

We chose a different path, because Biden wanted to make nice with Iran.

As the US and our allies gear up to go to war, Pro-Hamas supporters in the West have suddenly become fans of the Houthis. Because of course they have. Nothing is more attractive to Leftists than anti-Western zealots.

Is there one thing Joe Biden has touched that hasn’t worsened since he entered office in 2021? Wars are breaking out everywhere; the US border barely exists, our education system has worsened, the economy is in shambles, the rule of law has eroded, and our enemies are on the rise.

The common denominator in all these crises in the Middle East is Iran, and Biden remains committed to appeasing the Islamic Republic. Until that policy is reversed, no amount of firefighting in the Middle East will prevent the outbreak of more conflict. Iran is on the rise, and US power is correspondingly on the decline.

Our interests are opposed.

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