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Gisele Fetterman Responds to Divorce Rumors on Social Media – HotAir

The rumors of the demise of Senator Fetterman’s marriage are greatly exaggerated. That is according to the senator and he brought some receipts.

If you haven’t read Beege’s account of the shrinking presence of Mrs. Fetterman on social media, go do that now.

Fetterman posted a photo Wednesday night. See, everything is ok.

Gisele posted a photo in response. Fetterman is mostly cropped out. Heh. Humor is good. She’s gotten flack in the past for posting photos of the two of them showing his head cropped off.

How about that spiffy tuxedo design hoodie, y’all? And the black shorts. Let Fetterman be Fetterman. As long as he continues with his sane and right opinions of the most pressing matters these days, he can wear whatever he wants, as far as I’m concerned. Gisele Fetterman, 41, is wearing a sparkly black sequined dress. Fetterman, 54, and Gisele have been married for 15 years.

Those sane opinions coming from the Democrat senator from Pennsylvania is what brought about this whole divorce rumor mill. People on her social media accounts were criticizing her for her husband’s opinions. Remember, he came out and said he is not a progressive but just a regular kind of Democrat, he’s a loyal supporter of Israel, he wants the southern border secured, and he is coming out against some governmental regulations as overreaches. It’s enough to make a person stand up and clap for his post-stroke self. Sure, he’s still a Democrat and supports much of Biden’s agenda, but we’ll take the more conservative parts of Fetterman’s politics these days with enthusiasm.

It must have been a bitter pill for Gisele to swallow when progressives turned on her. She conducted herself as though she was the star of the family. She kept Fetterman’s senatorial campaign going as he recovered from the life-threatening stroke and kept Pennsylvania voters in the dark as to how severe his condition was at the time. She frequently spoke for him. You get the picture. Gisele sees herself as a player in American politics. Never mind she came to the United States as an illegal immigrant from Brazil.

So, Gisele deactivated her social media accounts and took a break from the hate. She said she was bored with it.

Gisele Fetterman addressed the divorce rumors on her deactivated X account. She activated the account to brush aside the rumors.

“I posted several months ago that I would be talking a break from social media. I was bored with it … I am a Pisces … it wasn’t adding anything to my life .., but leaving social media is somehow more exhausting than having it?!” Fetterman wrote in a post on X.

And she thinks you are terrible, respectfully.

She did it in a way that didn’t create a lot of attention. I admit I didn’t notice her absence on social media. When people did start to notice, one conclusion was that her husband has changed and she can’t handle it. She’s gone off on her own. Apparently, she is correcting the record. I think this is her personality.

When John Fetterman was hospitalized for clinical depression, Gisele created a buzz in the media for loading up the car with their three kids and the family dog and going on a road trip so that the family could escape from the media reports about him. Maybe that is how she deals with stress – she walks away. In this case it was to avoid the social media comments. She deactivated her accounts. We see she jumped right back on when she wanted to clear things up. She wasn’t really gone, she was just hiding. That’s my amateur psychologist at work. I’m not an expert but I sometimes play one here at Hot Air.

Reports that the couple might be on the rocks emerged Tuesday after she deleted all social media following progressive backlash against her husband for supporting Israel in its war against Hamas.

‘She’s right upstairs in my office right now. And this is absurd. I am not even sure why that we’d even be addressing,’ Fetterman told Wednesday.

‘I don’t even understand why there’s rumors because my wife clearly got tired of the online abuse from the same kind of crazies that show up at my home on Friday nights,’ the senator continued.

The Friday night crazies he refers to were the anti-Israel protesters who showed up and protested in front of his home. He went up on the roof and waved an Israeli flag in response. More of that, please.

Gisele is just going to have to find a way to deal with her husband’s support of Israel. Deactivating her social media accounts for a while may be a good start.

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