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‘Go Back to China’ – HotAir

This is hilarious, because if Donald Trump had said anything like this he would be pilloried for a week by the Democrats, the MSM, and every right-thinking liberal.

But since Nancy Pelosi said it, it will be memory-holed quicker than you can say “xenophobia.”

Democrats love when Republicans are harassed by protesters at their homes, at restaurants, and when they are walking their dogs. Republicans deserve it, after all, because they are racistsexisthomophobicantialphabetfascistnazis.

It’s not so fun when the shoe is on the other foot.

Nancy Pelosi herself was all about the people engaging in uprisings when Donald Trump was president because of Orange Man Bad or something.

Now, though, Pelosi is quite unhappy that Leftists have been targeting her because even she isn’t Left-wing enough. The very people she has been encouraging and abetting have done what all revolutionaries do–begin eating their own. The story is as old as revolutions themselves, because people with utopian visions will turn their hate on the demagogues who promised the moon and delivered moldy cheese.

The Left is currently in love with Hamas terrorists, and even Pelosi can’t get on board that particular bandwagon. She’s no John Fetterman, who has become positively based, but Pelosi is old enough (and more) to have been formed at a time when antisemitism was seen as a great evil to be denounced, not the default position for every right-thinking Leftist.

How all this relates to China is beyond me, except perhaps she has discovered that the ChiComs don’t like us and want to stoke division in our country. Perhaps somebody could explain to me the context of her rather bizarre linking of Chinese evils and Palestinian ones.

Regardless of why she said it, that she said it and hasn’t been pilloried is what is striking to me. Not because I am surprised at the double standard, but rather that the media is now so utterly open about having no standards at all.

One of the funniest things I have seen in the past couple weeks is a media person–I forget who–warning that if Trump wins he will use the Justice Department to prosecute his political enemies, endangering democracy.

Uh, wut? Who is doing that right now? How many prosecutions and lawsuits are aimed at Trump, and how many politicians are working to throw him off the ballots? That is literally weaponizing the power of the state against your political enemies.

The “go back to China” exclamation is a much smaller bit of hypocrisy, but in some ways, more revealing. The Democrats can come up with BS explanations for why Trump is being prosecuted legitimately, but how can you explain Pelosi dropping the whole racialist attack on a protester? It is so blatant, so indefensible, and so much like what they pilloried Trump for.

The virus WAS from China–this protester was actually White, as far as I can tell. And even if they weren’t, what has China got to do with Gaza?

Hypocrisy is, in one way, a fairly minor sin. In another way, especially in politics, it is especially damning. When you make grand moral gestures and base your claim to power on them, you better be able to back up your words with deeds.

If your pitch in politics is transactional, hypocrisy doesn’t really matter. If your claim to power is moral, then we have every right to shove your hypocrisy down your throat.

Pelosi is of the latter type. It’s time for her to go back to China, which, after all, has paid the bills of the Democrat Party (and the Bidens) since the Clinton years.

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