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He’s Based Now and He’s Talking – HotAir

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) delivered a speech on the Senate floor in response to the charges of corruption leveled against him. Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) was asked about that speech and he’s not having it.

Menendez criticized the federal bribery charges against him and he criticized colleagues for calling for his resignation. Both Democrats and Republicans have called for his resignation. Fetterman wasn’t moved by the speech. He called for the resignation of Menendez at the time the bribery charges became public knowledge.

“Oh, I know, yeah, he’s a victim. Yeah, he’s a victim,” Fetterman said sarcastically.

Fetterman continued, “I’ve been calling for that sleazeball has to go. And I don’t know why we have to get rid of [former Rep. George] Santos and we keep somebody like him around.”

“[Menendez] accused his colleagues, I guess that would include yourself, who called on him to resign or to leave Congress, of acting politically. What do you say to his accusation?” another reporter chimed in to ask the Pennsylvania Democrat.

“No, I think it’s my aversion to gold bars in your mattress and over half a million dollars stuffed around your house,” Fetterman replied.

The word ‘based’ is slang for un-woke. That is how Fetterman is seen by many on the right lately. When he first began making comments to reporters that I agreed with, I was as surprised as others in the same boat. How could this be, I wondered? When he was elected, as he was recovering from a life-threatening stroke, he was considered a far-left progressive. Then, when conservatives started to notice he is not bat poop crazy on some important issues, notice was taken. Fetterman admitted he isn’t a progressive, he is a regular liberal Democrat.

We have gotten used to Democrats being so far left during the Biden administration and Biden following their demands, that when a regular run-of-the-mill Democrat comes forward, it’s a little unsettling. Good for him. Someone needs to shake up the Democrats and move them more into the real world.

Fetterman is fed up with the open southern border, too. He said “there’s a crisis at the border” and asked how anyone could deny that. Democrats and others who have been running cover for DHS and Biden’s intentional border crisis were aghast.

The problem for Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas, who is facing impeachment by the House, is that the Biden border crisis is so catastrophic now that Democrats can no longer ignore it. He is underwater in voter response to his handling of the issue of immigration and the southern border. It is usually not a top issue with voters but it will be in 2024.

Fetterman is a staunch supporter of Israel. He speaks out against calls for ceasefire from the progressive left.

Another issue is the Chinese government buying up American farmland. Fetterman isn’t having that, either.

News that Fetterman was seeking to ban the Chinese government and other foreign adversaries from owning U.S. farmland drew similar reactions, with one Trump supporter replying, “Why is Fetterman lowkey getting based.”

As I said, he’s a Democrat and he’ll support Biden’s agenda as loyally as he always has but it is refreshing to see some common sense emerge on the left. It is especially good to see when the Democrat led voters to think he was a progressive, not just a liberal Democrat. We’ll see how long this lasts.

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