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Hiding Your Felonies: Tiara’s Law – HotAir

What could be worse? You want to dance sexually provocative strip shows in front of children, but everybody knows you are a felon who has sex crimes in your background?

It really would suck, especially if the state you live in won’t let you change your name to hide your felonious background.

Something needs to be done!

Luckily, there are state legislators in your state who are all about criminal justice reform and promoting sexual perversion and alphabet ideology. In fact, she will make your desire to change your name a cause celebre, naming the law enabling your name change after you.

Ah, Colorado. What a great state to live in!

Representative Lorena Garcia is a radical Leftist who greatly admires “Tiara,” the criminal drag queen, and is thrilled to sponsor a bill to help her and others hide her criminal history.

Tiara Latrice Kelley, also known as Tiara Latrice Powell, Tiara Latrice Wells, and Duane Antonio Kelley, has a lengthy criminal record in the state of Florida.

A criminal record review obtained by The Publica shows Kelley has been convicted of driving without a valid license, criminal trespassing, forgery, possession of controlled substances, and several instances of prostitution and lewdness. Kelley has also been held in contempt of court at least once.

In total, Kelley has committed 24 criminal and traffic offenses since 1999, with his most recent being in 2019.

Since moving to Colorado, Kelley has started a drag production company and has organized shows featuring children. Some have been hosted at the Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church, Vista Grande United Church of Christ, and La Burla Bee Burlesque House in Colorado Springs.

On January 21st, 2024, Kelley co-hosted an all-ages drag show in Colorado Springs. The show was held at the La Burla Bee Burlesque House and Italian Restaurant. According to reports from Christina Goeke, a women’s rights activist, three children were seen performing drag at the show with a drag queen known as Connie Lingus.

Connie Lingus! How amusing. Perfect for an “all ages” drag show performer. I assume “she” explained the kiddos what it implies.

There is so much wrong with this push to change the rules that the important question really is: Why? The what of it is pretty straightforward: the Democrats are so desperate to adopt the alphabet ideology as “the civil rights issue of our times” that embracing criminals who fit the demographic that this is a natural step.

But why? Why have the Democrats gone so “all-in” on this issue, despite it clearly being a bridge too far for many ordinary people?

I suspect it is for the same reason that they have committed so many resources to “criminal justice reform,” which has led to such horrible consequences for our cities and ordinary people who just want to live normal lives without constantly looking over their shoulders.

It is, I suspect, the bubble in which they live. Just as they believe that the Biden economy is going gangbusters, that Black people–a base constituency that Democrats absolutely need for elections–identify with felons, the Democrats believe that alphabet ideology ensures the future electoral success of their Party.

Young people are identifying in droves as LGBTQ+ due to public school propaganda and the DEI agenda, but it’s not set in stone that as they age out of the young demographic, that identification will stick. And even if it does, it’s not clear that the voters picked up in that demographic will compensate enough for the loss of other constituencies they are putting at risk.

Democrats live in a bubble where illegal immigration is an absolute good, porn in schools is the free speech issue of our times, and killing babies and sterilizing the youth ensure a durable electoral coalition.

Perhaps they are right–but in the process, they are exacerbating divisions that could cost them (and will cost the country) dearly. Blacks are less tied to the Democrats than at any time since the ’60s; working-class people loathe them, and antisemitism in their base is costing them some support in their more affluent sections of their base.

Politically it is a dangerous path, and culturally, it is suicidal.

Most Boomer Democrats get that, as they see their friends flaking off and even recoiling. The Democrats have become the party of the 1% and the most low-information voters out there. If they succeed, they will inherit a country that looks more like Venezuela than the United States, and if they don’t, they will become the Labour Party, in the political wilderness for a long time.

Right now, the Democrats have two solid issues that may help them cobble together a winning coalition in 2024, at least if Biden remains the nominee: scaring women about abortion and hating Donald Trump. The first will remain a reliable vote-getter, but the second may be less strong than they think if things keep getting out of control. However much people hate Trump, many of his haters secretly understand that at least he is better than Biden.

This brings up one last factor, and we are seeing Democrats putting a lot of investment in a desperate ploy to win: lawfare or using the legal system to stymie Trump’s becoming president again. They are investing considerable resources into devising legal strategies (and illicit bureaucratic, behind-the-scenes techniques) to keep Trump out of the Oval Office.

If they win in November based on even more questionable tactics than they used in 2020, God help us. It will be bad.

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