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House Members to Receive Classified UFO Briefing – HotAir

The action on Capitol Hill involving UFOs (or UAP) doesn’t appear to be slowing down, even after a few House Republicans succeeded in blocking important portions of UAP transparency language in the recently signed NDAA for 2024. Following a couple of eye-popping public hearings last fall, members of the House Oversight Committee will soon receive a private, classified hearing regarding precisely what the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies know about “nonhuman intelligence,” recovered craft and biological evidence that is reportedly being kept from the eyes of government oversight and the public. The briefing was requested by the same bipartisan group of House members that have been driving this topic for the past few years, including Tim Burchett, Jared Moskowitz, Anna Paulina Luna, Nancy Mace, Eric Burlison, and Andy Ogles. (Axios)

Members of the House Oversight Committee will receive a classified briefing on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), better known as UFOs, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: Congressional interest in the issue has grown in recent years, with a small but vocal group of lawmakers in both parties pushing for greater transparency from the government on the issue.

Driving the news: The members-only briefing will be held in the Office of House Security, according to a notice obtained by Axios.

The briefing is being provided by the Office of Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, the notice said.

It’s worth noting that the briefing will be provided by Thomas Monheim, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. This may be significant because Monheim is the same IG that received the complaint from UFO whistleblower David Grusch last year and found his allegations to be “urgent and credible.”

When Grusch gave press interviews last year and also during his public testimony before Congress (under oath), he repeatedly answered many questions by saying that he was unable to provide those answers in a public setting but that he would be able to in a secure, classified environment. Monheim has seen the full list of allegations and this briefing will be taking place in a classified setting, so perhaps the members are finally going to get some of the answers they’ve been seeking. Of course, if all of the material is still classified, that doesn’t mean the public will be any wiser, but at least some of our elected representatives might be.

So what is it that Burchett and the others will be looking for? Grusch told them that the government has recovered at least a dozen complete or partial craft of some non-human origin and some deep, black-budget SAPs (special access programs) have been studying them for decades, attempting to reverse engineer the bizarre technology. He also alleges that the money for these projects is being spent without appropriate congressional oversight. If Monheim can either confirm that or at least provide a paper trail showing that the claims are credible enough to merit further investigation, a big old can of worms may be about to be opened.

If you’re still feeling like all of this sounds absolutely insane, don’t worry. You’re hardly alone. After all, we’re here talking about UFOs and either aliens or some other form of technologically advanced intelligence that could alter our entire perception of our universe. That’s supposed to be the province of Hollywood, not the House Oversight Committee. And yet here we are. Remember that the language of the UAP Disclosure Act inserted in the Senate version of the NDAA included the use of the phrase “non-human intelligence” more than two dozen times. (Until it was gutted by the GOP.)

Clearly, the members have been hearing information that they found compelling enough to take action upon. What they may learn and whether or not the public will be informed in a significant way remains to be seen. But we should probably all buckle up and return our seatback trays to the upright position. This ride may be about to shift into warp drive and things may get bumpy.

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