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How About a Ceasefire for Chicago, Mayor Johnson? – HotAir

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson called for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war on Thursday. He was immediately taken to task on social media.

Self awareness is hard and Mayor Johnson is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Chicago is well-known for its crime rate, including a high rate of shootings. It is a city known for its murder rate.

Johnson joined other progressives around the country in calling for a ceasefire He said “the killings need to stop.” Funny, that’s what the residents of Chicago say. The Chicago City Council debated and then delayed a vote on the resolution calling for a ceasefire. There were other controversial items on the agenda but the ceasefire resolution took up the most time.

Chicago PBS reporter Heather Cherone shared the mayor’s call for a ceasefire on social media.

The flames were hot as Johnson was roasted on social media.

The House GOP Judiciary Committee X account also weighed in.

Johnson’s comment on the Israel-Hamas war used a number of Palestinian deaths that probably came from Hamas and those numbers are not reliable. It’s part of the terror group’s propaganda.

“I condemn the actions of Hamas, but at this point now I believe we’re looking at 25,000 Palestinians that have been killed during this war and the killing has to stop. So yes, we need a cease-fire,” Johnson said at a news conference.

Johnson is the biggest city mayor to call for a ceasefire. Chicago will host the DNC convention this summer. It’s shaping up to have a lot of 1968 vibes. It’s not the anti-Vietnam war domestic terrorists this time. They’ve been replaced by the anti-Israel protesters. Between the street violence and crime, the illegal aliens Johnson is unable to handle, and the huge demonstrations that turn violent by the anti-Israel demonstrators, it’s a recipe for disaster.

The mayor didn’t say what result his call for a ceasefire might have on the DNC and other Democrat leaders.

“I wish I could give you maybe an answer to what impact it will have on other people who make decisions, but I can say from a very personal note: I know that for Black liberation we had to make statements that maybe not in the immediate it had an impact,” Johnson said.

“But I’m not mayor of the city of Chicago if people weren’t pushing the government to recognize people’s humanity and understand the value of what liberation — what it means for people, groups and nations. And in this instance, people should be liberated.”

As I said, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Good luck with this fool, Chicago.

The resolution being debated by the city council and postponed doesn’t just call for a ceasefire. It also calls for humanitarian aid to Gazans and the unconditional release of all hostages. If the city council votes to pass the resolution, it would be sent to Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Illinois congressional delegation. In other words, it is a feel-good resolution that means nothing and will be ignored by the Biden administration.

The Chicago City Council and Mayor Johnson have no say-so in foreign policy. Bibi Netanyahu doesn’t care about their opinions. Until Johnson cleans up the city and solves all its problems, he should just sit this one out.

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