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Hunter Biden… Documentary Film Star? – HotAir

Haven’t we had enough video of Hunter Biden? Hunter’s new ambition is to star in a documentary about himself and tell his story.

Heaven help us. Why doesn’t Hunter just take care of his legal challenges and go away. He should get a legit job and do something good in the world. Maybe focus on someone else other than himself for a change. If he is desperate for people to like him or understand him or whatever, just go off and do something. Then people might look at him differently. Maybe.

Remember Kevin Morris, Hunter’s 60-year-old Sugar Bro? He is a prominent Hollywood lawyer who has paid off Hunter’s tax debts. Morris is making a documentary about Hunter in an attempt to rehabilitate his reputation. Hunter, however, faces two criminal trials. And, Republicans are talking about impeaching Joe Biden. Morris specializes in brokering entertainment deals. He has reportedly loaned Hunter about $5M.

Morris has made the creators of South Park fabulously wealthy with a deal that gives them a 50-50 stake in its commercial success online. He has been offering Hunter some public relations advice. If he advised Hunter in that stunt he pulled by giving a statement outside of the Senate side of the Capitol when he was supposed to be in a House hearing, as it is thought he did, it was lousy advice.

In that December 13 press briefing, Hunter ran through a laundry list of grievances against those mean House Republicans.

He said he would appear to give evidence before Congress, but only in a televised committee hearing, and condemned Republicans for attacks on his father.

“They have ridiculed my struggle with addiction, they have belittled my recovery and they have tried to dehumanise me – all to embarrass and damage my father, who has devoted his life to public service,” he said.

The statement is thought to have been orchestrated by Mr Morris, who is acting as his media adviser, and is also facing requests to appear before Congress.

Anyway, Morris has begun shooting the documentary. He wants to cover Hunter’s recover from crack and to spotlight attempts by House Republicans to investigate the Biden crime family. It will be an opportunity to give Hunter the last word against his critics. Color me skeptical that Hunter will have the last word on anything. He’s a 53-year-old Peter Pan who carries a bright red backpack with him wherever he goes. When he isn’t preparing for a court appearance, he is usually tagging along with Joe and Jill to wherever they are vacationing on weekends and moves in and out of the White House. He’s often seen getting on Marine One to go to Camp David or one of the Biden homes in Delaware. He went to Ireland with Joe and his aunt last year.

I wonder if the documentary will clear up the mysterious circumstances surrounding that random bag of coke found outside the Oval Office. Hunter was in town at that time and went off with his parents for the weekend.

This is reported to be a project in the works for years. The Los Angeles Times reports that a documentary crew has been following Hunter Biden for years. The film crew is reported to have been among the cameras filming the press briefing in D.C. last month.

Morris, who has been a close ally to Hunter Biden for years, also reportedly went with the documentary crew to the set of the film My Son Hunter, which was distributed by Breitbart in 2022, and asked the filmmaker questions about the history of the Hunter Biden laptop, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Wasn’t Hunter’s memoir, “Beautiful Things”, published in 2021, supposed to be Hunter telling his story?

Hunter isn’t ready for his 15 minutes to be up just yet. What will the film crew film if The Big Guy loses the presidential election in November?

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