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I Don’t Get This Scottish Socialist Push to Put Dangerous Male Prisoners in Female Prisons – HotAir

I thought perhaps, even though they replaced tiny tyrant Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister with a raving racist – Humza Yousaf – he is the son of Pakistani-Punjabi Muslim Rajput immigrants who has married into a radical Gazan-Palestinian family, so maybe things would ease off a bit on the trans insanity.

I don’t know – maybe he’s just not paying attention and letting the lunatics at the prison department do what they want.

As the head of the Scottish National Party, though, you’d think he’d want to steer clear of anything smacking of the Isla Bryson controversy, which help trip up his successor even before the corruption accusation did.

Last year, there was a “gender bill” – Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill – before the Scottish parliament that would have allowed men in women’s spaces, including prison, if they self-identified as such. The uproar from women and their defenders was deafening, as was the shrieking from alphabet soup sex activists and the Sturgeon administration, along with most of the SNP members, all of whom were using all the gaslighting and TERF hate in their repetoire.

What turned out to be the nail in the bill’s coffin was the macabre story of a convicted double rapist who decided to identify as female when he went to prison, and during his trial. The photos alone blew people’s minds. After seeing the creature all dolled up in a blonde wig and freshly manicured nails who was then revealed to be all man with a bald head and menacing neck tattoos.

Wild how that works, huh?

…The trans issue undoubtedly played a role in bringing down Sturgeon. She resigned as first minister in February, just before she and other senior SNP figures were interviewed by police over the party’s finances. But her departure from high office was also prompted by the controversy over the gender bill and the horrifying, well-publicised case of the violent double rapist, Adam Graham (aka Isla Bryson), who, it was revealed, had been housed in a women’s prison.

Sturgeon resigned a month after Bryson’s tattooed face was first seen staring out of Scottish newspapers, as his chilling story became public. Before the ink was dry on the gender bill, his case vindicated the gender-critical campaigners who warned that treating transwomen as women would mean putting rapists in women’s prisons. Indeed, Bryson’s passage through the justice system proved that this had already been taking place.

When Bryson arrived in court for his hearing, he was photographed with long fake nails and a blonde bob wig poking out of his hooded coat. Following his sentencing, he was detained in Cornton Vale, a women’s prison. Throughout the case, he was referred to by both the prison system and most of the media as though he were a woman. That he had conveniently discovered he was trans after being charged apparently escaped many journalists’ notice.

The story got worse and worse. It later emerged that Bryson had joined a beauty course at Ayrshire College while out on bail. The young women he trained alongside, who were unaware of his pending court appearance, had to take off their clothes in front of him for spray-tan sessions. According to the Telegraph, students described Bryson as ‘overpowering’ and ‘disruptive’. He was eventually asked to leave the course.

It also didn’t help that First Minister Sturgeon couldn’t begin to say if the faux female felon was a man or a woman when queried. Heard that one before, haven’t we?

Is Isla Bryson a woman?

The logic of an individual being able to change their own gender with minimum fuss would suggest the answer is yes.
Last month, after being convicted of raping two women, Bryson was initially sent to the all-female jail at Cornton Vale in Stirling for assessment.
But critics said the 31-year-old’s decision, taken after being charged, to renounce the male identity of Adam Graham should not be accepted at face value.

At a news conference and in the Scottish Parliament this week, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was repeatedly asked whether she thought Bryson was a man or a woman.

This picture didn’t come off half as fetching.

Sturgeon’s gone, they’ve installed the new first minister who bitches Scotland’s too white and wants to bring half of Gaza back to the auld sod, and now, suddenly, like Michel Myers at the end of a Halloween installment, the gender bill has been resurrected. Or maybe it was only ‘mostly dead’ to begin with.

But they’re doing it in clandestine, end-run-around-the-legislative-process Joe Biden fashion – it’s not a law, it’s a rule.

New Scottish transgender prison rules are “sexist” and will lead to vulnerable women being traumatised, MSPs have been warned.

Campaigners are calling on Holyrood politicians to block new guidelines, introduced in the wake of the Isla Bryson scandal, from coming into force, amid claims they are worse than the policy they replaced.

The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) plans to allow even trans criminals with a history of violence against women to be housed in female jails if it is deemed there is “compelling” evidence that they do not pose “an unacceptable risk of harm”.

Those seen as too dangerous to be placed in female jails permanently could still be offered chances to mingle with female inmates temporarily in a bid to “support their gender identity”.

So get that reasoning. These criminal males could be too “DANGEROUS” to be incarcerated permanently with the female prisoners, but, according to the new “rule,” it’s going to be quite alright for them to visit for however long in order for them to feel good about their fake female selves.


…The new SPS policy will see inmates housed in line with their biological sex until enough information has been obtained to come to an “individualised decision” over whether they can be safely placed in a jail that matches their gender identity.

However, even those deemed too dangerous to be housed permanently in a women’s jail should be offered “other ways of supporting their gender identity”.

Documents state this may involve “access to work parties, activities, or even programmes with others of their gender identity”.

These people are out of their minds.

According to one report, a Scottish woman pled guilty to a crime in order to avoid having to return to a Scottish prison, where she’d been locked up with the two dreamboat degenerates pictured below.

A mother-of-four claims she pleaded guilty to a crime she didn’t commit to avoid returning to a prison that housed two trans inmates locked up for murder and sex assault, MailOnline can reveal.

Amanda Benson, 42, from Inverkip, Scotland, was imprisoned on remand at HMP Greenock with the two trans women – murderer Alex Stewart, 34, and sexual assaulter Laura Miller, 30.

Neither have had gender surgery or taken gender-affirming hormones, Mrs Benson said.

Stewart – previously known as Alan Baker – was jailed for 19 years for stabbing father-of-two John Weir, 36, to death after they met on a dating site.

And at the rate the Scots and Irish are indulging their authoritarian fantasies, there’s a good chance any regular person could wind up in the hoosegow for at least a night or two for committing what’s seen as the tiniest infraction.

They’ve lost their minds.

Scottish feminists are organizing once again.

Here’s to prevailing once again.

If only they could clean house at the same time, like with a flamethrower.

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