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Illinois Governor Pritzker Slams Governor Abbott in Letter and Then Asks for Mercy – HotAir

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has an odd way of asking for mercy. He sent a letter to Governor Abbott asking that he stop sending the migrant buses to his sanctuary state during the bitterly cold winter weather.

Pritzker sent the letter to Abbott on Friday. He began by saying he “pleads for mercy” for the illegal aliens. He asked Abbott to stop drop-offs during dangerous winter storms. He said winter weather threatens vulnerable people. He asked that Abbott stop sending buses to Illinois. And, he mentioned the winter storm moving in this weekend which will bring low temperatures and snow.

The governor wants “mercy” yet he couldn’t help himself when it came to blasting Abbott in his letter. He began by appealing to Abbott’s “humanity.”

“I strongly urge you to stop sending people to Illinois in these conditions. You are dropping off asylum seekers without alerting us to their arrivals, at improper locations at all hours of the night,” Pritzker, a Democrat, wrote, adding that he was “hoping to appeal to your humanity

Then he went on to note Abbott’s “callousness.”

“While action is pending at the federal level, I plead with you for mercy for the thousands of people who are powerless to speak for themselves,” Pritzker said in the letter. “Please, while winter is threatening vulnerable people’s lives, suspend your transports and do not send more people to our state.”

“Your callousness, sending buses and planes full of migrants in this weather, is now life-threatening to every one of the arrivals,” Pritzker wrote. “Hundreds of children’s and families’ health and survival are at risk due to your actions.”

According to the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications, Chicago has received an estimated 34,562 migrants since the drop-offs began. That includes 4,468 people who have arrived on daily flights to O’Hare and Midway international airports since June 2023.

One bus was expected to make drop-offs in the Chicago area Friday, the city said. There are also 408 migrants awaiting placement — with 14,574 people in 28 active shelters.

Pritzker needs to brush up on his skills. This doesn’t exactly sound like he’s trying to be a civil human being while making demands of Abbott. He needs a little Dale Carnegie in his life.

Abbott sends migrant buses to Chicago and other places in Illinois because the mayor of Chicago and the governor have boasted about Chicago being a sanctuary city and Illinois being a sanctuary state. The illegal aliens ask to go to Chicago. No one is forcing them to get on buses or planes, this is their choice.

Pritzker signed a bill in 2021 that made Illinois the “most welcoming state in the nation” for illegal aliens.

Pritzker went on to appeal to Abbott about working in a bipartisan manner on illegal immigration. He’s a little passive-aggressive. He calls Abbott callous and inhumane and then says they should work together. Abbott’s spokesman said Pritzker should take it up with Biden.

Andrew Mahaleris, an Abbott spokesperson, said that Texas “will continue transporting migrants to sanctuary cities to help our local partners respond to this Biden-made crisis” until the president takes action to rein in border crossings.

“Instead of complaining about migrants sent from Texas, where we are also preparing to experience severe winter weather across the state, Governor Pritzker should call on his party leader to finally do his job and secure the border – something he continues refusing to do,” Mahaleris said.

Pritzker should take it up with Biden. The Pritzker family are top donors to the Democrat Party, and they are a family of billionaires. They founded Hyatt Hotels. The governor’s sister, Penny Pritzker, was the secretary of commerce in the Obama administration. She is Biden’s U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine’s Economic Recovery. The governor surely can pick up the phone and speak with his pal, the president. He wrote to Biden last October to plead for him to mitigate the situation. Since then Pritzker said he has been in more frequent contact with the White House.

Governor Pritzker is working on stopping the migrant planes from landing in his state, though he admits there is little he can do to prevent them from doing so.

Pritzker on Wednesday said the state is trying to prevent companies from leasing their planes to the state of Texas. He said he believes the state has deployed a strategy that is deterring the plane drop-offs.

Illinois has been in contact with airport officials across the state to warn them of the flights.

“We’re trying to prevent those companies from leasing their planes to the state of Texas. You can’t, in general, you can’t tell a group, a people, or an aircraft that it can’t come somewhere,” Pritzker said. “On the other hand, there are lots of things that I think would be a significant deterrent, and they already are working.”

Illinois voters should look in the mirror and accept the fact that they voted for this. Pritzker should look no further than his own mirror because this is what he put in place. Democrats want to crow about being leading sanctuary cities and states until the illegal aliens actually show up. There was no such whining and emoting when DHS was flying and bussing illegal aliens from border states into the interior of the country when the Biden border crisis began in 2021. Democrats haven’t been complaining about DHS turning every state into a border state.

Pritzker asked for it. He can deal with it now.

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