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Immigration Is Now a Top Priority for… Hispanics – HotAir

Here’s some more news that Joe Biden and his handlers won’t enjoy hearing. According to the most recent polling from AP/NORC, the priorities of voters have continued to shift over the course of the Biden presidency. While the economy and crime are still major concerns, an increasing number are now listing “immigration” as their most pressing concern. And the demographic group most likely to rank immigration as their top priority is Hispanic voters, a group that Joe Biden carried handily in 2020. This doesn’t just bode poorly for Biden. It’s bad news for Democrats in general, including those who will be forced to ride Uncle Joe’s coattails in the down-ballot races. (Daily Caller)

Hispanics were the most likely racial group to rank immigration as their most pressing matter, according to an Associated Press (AP)-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll published on Wednesday.

A total of 43% of Hispanic adults identified immigration as the number one priority for the government to address, surpassing 36% of white respondents, 29% of Asians and Pacific Islanders and 19% of black respondents sharing the same sentiment, according to the AP. Moreover, 35% of American adults surveyed named immigration as a main issue, consisting of 55% of Republicans and 22% of Democrats, according to the poll.

Concerns over immigration issues among Hispanic voters have been steadily increasing over the course of the Biden administration. The same poll last year showed the percentage of Hispanic voters listing it as their top priority in 2022 was up to 27%. But now, at 47%, the figure is closing on half of that demographic group.

In case you’re wondering if many of these Hispanic voters are listing this as a top priority because they want more illegal immigration, think again. A separate poll in December found that only 3% of that voting block approved of amnesty for illegals. The linked report reminds us not only of how the Biden border crisis is impacting everyone regardless of race or gender but also of how dishonest Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas has been about all of this. During a recent interview on Morning Joe, he was asked about the massive backlog of people seeking asylum who are allowed to remain in the country for years awaiting court dates. Check out his response.

“That backlog is a powerful example of how broken our immigration system is, and for how long it has been broken,” Mayorkas answered. “Because that backlog existed when I was in the Department of Homeland Security in 2009. It preceded me then, and it precedes me now as the secretary of Homeland Security.”

That answer is an obvious dodge and it’s completely unworthy of a Cabinet member. Yes, there has been a backlog of asylum seekers for quite some time now because it’s physically impossible to process everyone instantly. But it’s never been a backlog of millions. And people were never given court dates nearly a decade in the future. Also, most people requesting asylum were told to either do so in their home countries or to wait in Mexico until their court date arrived. That was particularly true under Donald Trump’s administration.

In 2020, Joe Biden carried 65% of the Hispanic vote, on par with the 66% that Hillary Clinton received four years earlier. It was considered crucial to his victories in swing states where the overall vote was almost evenly divided. But those votes are in no way assured this year if Biden is seen to be failing miserably in an area that a growing number of those voters rank as their top priority. When questioned about his failing policies previously, Joe Biden famously answered, “Just watch me.” It sounds as if people have indeed been watching, particularly in the Hispanic community. And they are not impressed.

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