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In Canada, Government Is Not on Your Side – HotAir

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Canada.

Just like a little brother, they were easy to tease but also easy to love, even if you didn’t want to admit that fact to them. If I hadn’t had the choice of living in the US, Canada would have been my second choice.

As bad as things have gotten here, most of the country most of the time is still free. That is less true in Canada, although the majority of its citizens are still good blokes, don’tcha know?

But then you have its government, which is even worse than ours.

In Quebec, the police are now warning citizens not to post their doorbell videos of package thiefs because they are, in the words of the spokesmen, “presumed innocent.”

Now, surely I agree that the package thieves deserve their day in court–not that the police would actually arrest any of them or the prosecutors spend any time putting them in jail–but dude, these are VIDEOS of them doing the deed, and citizens don’t have to presume innocence, the government does in court.

I don’t have to presume the guy is innocent, and nobody else but a jury has to, either. Nor, I would hope, would I have to hide evidence of crime taken on my own video camera because the police have a perverse desire to protect criminals from being shamed.

The presumption of innocence is there to protect individuals from the state just throwing them in jail without proof that stands up to the scrutiny of a jury. Homeowners are not the state and can’t put people in jail.  But they sure can shame the thieves, who are the scum of the earth and degrading our society.

Trudeau’s Canada is on the side of the criminals in many cases, and that isn’t an exaggeration.

The PM himself has made it quite clear that citizens have a responsibility to be victims when a criminal decides to harm them. Criminals have rights, but you don’t, which is why they prosecute people for defending themselves.

In a sane world, the police warning you not to out criminals would be laughed at, but throw in some fine-sounding words like “presumption of innocence,” and most people will sit idly by and assume that it is wrong to accuse people of things and demonstrate the truth of it.

If you accuse somebody of a crime and you are wrong, you can be sued. But if you show somebody doing something illegal on your property, there should be no barrier to showing it. If there is, the law should be changed. If there isn’t a legal prohibition, ignore this jerk and post the video.

Let the thief sue you. It would be fun to humiliate him in court. You know the police will almost certainly do nothing to him.

Ed has more on how little freedom there is in Canada anymore.

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