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Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Prosecutor, Prosecutor

Apologies to Freddie Mercury, but HO-LEE-COW, do we have some scaramooches on our hands in Georgia if there is anything to the current rumors.

The kleptocratic carnal clown show has commenced.

Front and center in this blooming onion of a stink bomb is the disputatious District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, and self-anointed Trump vanquisher, Fani Willis.

Fulton ADA Fani Willis makes the opening statement for the prosecution in a case against 12 former Atlanta Public Schools educators and administrators, in Atlanta, Monday, Sept. 29, 201

Ms. Willis is the DA who brought a 41 count racketeering case against the former president for alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 elections in GA. Election “subversion,” they’ve called it, and she’s charged a whole host of supporting characters along with Trump to boot.

She’s also made no secret of her animus towards the former president, smirking through courthouse press photo ops and conferences, and generally queening it over the proceedings, as opposed to professionally doing her job.

One of the people scooped up in the racketeering charges along with Trump is a guy named Michael Roman.

…Roman worked as director of Election Day operations for the Trump campaign in 2020. He was charged with seven felony counts in Fulton, most of them conspiracy charges in conjunction with his role helping organize slates of Trump electors in battleground states won by Democrat Joe Biden, including Georgia. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, and his legal team previously turned down a plea offer from the DA’s office.

Notably, Roman was the only one of the 19 people Willis charged who had not been recommended for indictment by a special grand jury which spent eight months investigating election subversion efforts in Georgia after the 2020 election. A separate grand jury handed up criminal charge

He also seems to be the only one of any of the defendants who has a crackerjack lawyer, because what she and her team found when they did their due diligence is threatening to blow up the entire Trump subversion spectacle.

District Attorney Fani Willis improperly hired an alleged romantic partner to prosecute Donald Trump and financially benefited from their relationship, according to a court motion filed Monday which argued the criminal charges in the case were unconstitutional.

The bombshell public filing alleged that special prosecutor Nathan Wade, a private attorney, paid for lavish vacations he took with Willis using the Fulton County funds his law firm received. County records show that Wade, who has played a prominent role in the election interference case, has been paid nearly $654,000 in legal fees since January 2022. The DA authorizes his compensation.


Pretty bad on its face, you have to admit. (John got most of this the other day as it was breaking).

But HOLY HOT MOMMA – have things ever moved fast since.

We’ve gone from very circumspect disclaimers (no doubt as near fainting supporters scrambled for air in the aftershock) ranging from “If true” etc….

…The document offers no concrete proof of the romantic ties between Willis and Wade, but says “sources close to both the special prosecutor and the district attorney have confirmed they had an ongoing, personal relationship.”

Roman’s lawyer, Ashleigh Merchant, said she reviewed the case file in Wade’s ongoing divorce proceedings at the Superior Court Clerk’s Office and made copies of certain documents. But the case file was later improperly sealed because no court hearing was held as required by law, the motion said.

…to people today taking note of what exactly Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade was billing the county for when he wasn’t using their money to boink his boss in pricey vacation get-aways.


Why, there’s Mr. Special coordinating with the White House and charging Fulton County taxpayers for it.

Isn’t that interesting?

There’s also a notion that buying love-nest tickets on government money isn’t exactly kosher from a legal standpoint, however nice the cabin in the Caribbean might have been and both of you employed by that county.

…The filing alleges that Willis and Wade have been involved in a romantic relationship that began before Wade was appointed special prosecutor. It says they traveled together to Napa Valley and Florida, and they cruised the Caribbean together using tickets Wade purchased from Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cruise lines — although the filing did not include documentation of those purchases.

The motion said the checks sent to Wade from Fulton County and his subsequent purchase of vacations for Willis could amount to honest services fraud, a federal crime in which a vendor gives kickbacks to an employer. It is also possible this could be prosecuted under the federal racketeering statute, the motion said.

If, if, if it’s all true, right?

Merchant, who is Roman’s lawyer, said in her filing that they’d researched everything and documented it thoroughly. Girl did her homework.

…Merchant wrote that the “motion is not filed lightly. Nor is it being filed without considerable forethought, research or investigation.”

There’s also a problem emerging with the way Wade was hired to begin with. Makes one rub one’s chinny chin chin, and go hmmmm.

…A problem with Wade’s appointment is that it was not approved by the Fulton board of commissioners as required by law, the motion said. The motion also questions Wade’s credentials, contending he has never prosecuted a felony case. (Wade was an assistant solicitor for Cobb County in 1999. The office handles misdemeanor cases.)

…Roman’s filing also resurfaces an accusation previously made against Wade: that his two oaths of office were not filed in court prior to his work on the case, so he misrepresented himself as a duly authorized special prosecutor.

Previously an Atlanta judge had thrown out a challenge to Wade’s appointment with a witty Monty Python allusion. But now, after the Merchant filing…well…maybe THAT parrot really isn’t dead, either.


Then, today. Ah.

There was another eruption in the story with slimy wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen.

MRS. Nathan Wade – see, that’ a problem, because he’s been married through all this, you know – actually her D-I-V-O-R-C-E lawyer sent a process server over to Ms Fani Willis’ office to drop off an invite to come tell the D-I-V-O-R-C-E court all about her close friendship with Mr. Special, aka Jocelyn Wade’s husband. A subpoena to testify.

Oh, my goodness.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has been subpoenaed to testify in a colleague’s divorce proceeding, according to a court filing, a development that could shed light on claims Willis and the colleague carried out an improper romantic relationship as they prosecuted former President Donald Trump and others.

In a court filing reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, a process server said he showed up at Willis’s office in Atlanta on Monday morning with a subpoena seeking her testimony in the Cobb County divorce case of Nathan Wade, a lawyer she hired as a special prosecutor in the Trump case, and his wife, Joycelyn Wade. The process server said he left the subpoena, filed by Joycelyn Wade’s lawyer, with Willis’s executive assistant.

“Well, Beege,” you say, “That doesn’t prove bupkiss. Of course she might want to divorce him and put the Fani on the fire after hearing all that in the news,” right?


They’ve been dickering about a divorce for years, and that subpoena was left with Fani Willis’ executive assistant HOURS BEFORE the Roman legal filing dropped with all the dirt.

Which takes a whole lot of the supposition and if, if, if out of the accusations against Willis and Mr. Special.

…The subpoena was served Monday just hours before one of Trump’s co-defendants filed a motion laying out allegations of misconduct by Willis and Nathan Wade, including of an “improper, clandestine personal relationship during the pendency of this case.”

And the consequences…?


…Steve Bright, the former director of the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta, said the Jones’ controversy pales in comparison to the new allegations lodged in Roman’s motion.

“If this is true, it goes way beyond the monumentally bad judgment that she had in having a fundraiser for the guy running against Burt Jones when she was investigating Jones,” said Bright, a professor at Yale and Georgetown law schools.

It’s hard to see how the prosecution survives this.”

Feisty Fani and her special hot dog Nathan might just be cooked – no ifs, ands or Fani butts about it.

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