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Aw…say it isn’t so?!

The South of the Border socialist firebrand and fashion maven married to the surprise senator from Pennsylvania – ebullient and glamorous Gisele Fetterman – has seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth after being the Face of Fetterman for…well…what seemed like forever. She always did seem to consider her incoherent, lumbering, and unlovable lug of a husband the sideshow attraction to the Gisele parade.

We couldn’t break free of the chick – from the very beginning of his campaign, she was everywhere. When he had a stroke during the primary? Mrs. Fetterman was leading the disinformation brigade.

It’s been more than a week since Lt. Gov. John Fetterman celebrated his win in Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary from a Lancaster hospital, where he was recovering from a stroke and the implantation of a combination defibrillator-pacemaker. But the campaign’s explanation of his medical treatment doesn’t entirely make sense, according to cardiologists.

Fetterman’s campaign has said he’s on his way to a full recovery. Yet as that recovery continues at his home in Braddock, Fetterman hasn’t publicly answered questions himself about his health. And his campaign has refused multiple requests to interview his doctors, without giving any reason for that refusal. It’s left the full public picture of his health — and fitness for a six-year Senate term — unclear.

The uncertainty stems from how Fetterman’s campaign and his wife, Gisele, have characterized his heart condition: a common, irregular rhythm called atrial fibrillation (A-fib). They said the A-fib led to his May 13 stroke, and that is indeed a common cause of stroke. But when he got the defibrillator four days later, they said the device was implanted to treat the A-fib.

But that’s not what defibrillators are for, leading cardiologists not involved in his care to suggest that Fetterman, 52, has another heart condition the campaign hasn’t disclosed.

All’s fair in love and politics, though, no? As the face – and mouth voice – of what was technically her husband’s campaign, Gisele became “a star,” and took to it as if to the manner born.

Screencap RollingStone.com

With the media fawning and ego stroking well underway, Gisele went at winning like a jaguar, charging after Republicans and anyone in her path for misogyny, ableism, and bigotry. (Did you know swimming was racist?)

She spent enormous energy eating the one or two reporters alive who dared to break ranks, and actually question her obviously incapacitated hubby’s fitness for the job she was campaigning for. NBC reporter Dasha Burns, for the sin of noting the man couldn’t follow nor respond to a simple conversation contrary to the rosy assurances of every other media hack, was unmercifully driven into the wilderness – the price one pays for honesty in the leftist media.

The leader of the mob foaming at the mouth calling for blood, whilst holding torch and pitchfork the highest?

‘Twas Gisele Fetterman, in her best, haughtiest “OFF WITH HER HEAD” moment.

John Fetterman’s wife blasted NBC’s Dasha Burns for her portrayal of a recent interview with the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate, accusing the reporter of “ableism” and calling her behavior “appalling.”

Speaking with Molly Jong-Fast on the Fast Politics Pod, Gisele Fetterman said she felt “rage” when she learned that Burns had revealed that her husband was unable to hold a conversation.

The coverage did a disservice “to not only my husband, but anyone facing a disability and working through it,” she said.

Gisele was so obviously the focus of attention that speculation ran rampant that, as Fetterman’s mental health disintegrated and his physical health deteriorated, the governor of the state would be appointing the Brazilian bombshell to serve in his stead. Gisele was, we were told, already measuring the curtains for her office make-over.

Meanwhile, a really, really weird thing was happening, but so gradually none of us really noticed. Last March, Fetterman returned to the senate after 6 weeks in a mental health facility. Everyone wished him the best, of course, but no one really had any hope for a change in the status quo.

Particularly as he was still stumbling through his few interactions with reporters, and schlubbing around in hoodies like some demented bowling league apparition who was haunting the senate halls by mistake. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made the egregious pandering misstep of declaring those togs to henceforth be suitable senate biz-wear. Senate ableists who like their stuffed suits reacted immediately. The resultant backlash drove a speedy Schumer rules retreat, and Fetterman was forced into adult attire.

I believe that was the genesis of it. Some miracle awakening began once Fetterman was forced to strap a necktie on.

By September of ’23 we were starting to hear strange stirrings – and coherent ones – from one Senator John “Sling Blade” Fetterman, which were tantalizingly at odd with what could have been presumed to be his positions as presented by the lovely Gisele during the campaign.

…“Let me say, I hope many of our colleagues agree that the Chinese government and other U.S.  adversaries should own zero agricultural land in our country,” said Sen. John Fetterman, a Pennsylvania Democrat. “I mean, they are taking back our pandas. We should take back all of their farmland. This is really a national security issue, and it is a food security issue.”

And Gisele? Why…she was appearing in fewer and fewer news articles as her husband’s profile became stronger. But her social media was being maintained.

Then came the horror of the October 7th massacre, the subsequent insanity of the progressive left’s cleaving to the terrorist side…and the full flowering birth of a Fetterman no one knew existed.

THAT GUY instantly became an anathema to his formerly rabid progressive followers.

Again, no Mrs. Fetterman sightings. But true believers in the cause who also happen to be firm Gisele groupies came out in force as the new and improved Unfiltered Fetterman Version 2.0 continued to cork off common sense concepts when everyone least expected them. Even Newsweek dove into the fray when the PA senator opined about illegal immigration and the assault of the border hordes.

“How dare the treacherous lummox?!” gasped the press and progs, en masse.


Some social media users have accused Senator John Fetterman of throwing his wife under the bus with his comments about the influx of migrants at the southern border.

Fetterman, a Pennsylvania Democrat, won his seat in Congress in the 2022 midterms. During Fetterman’s campaign, Bernie Sanders, a progressive independent from Vermont, praised Fetterman, saying on NBC’s Meet the Press that Fetterman would “be a real fighter for the working class of this country.”

However, now it seems that Fetterman is distancing himself from progressives on key issues like immigration and Israel’s war with the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

“I’m not a progressive,” Fetterman told NBC News in an article published Friday. “I just think I’m a Democrat that is very committed to choice and other things. But with Israel, I’m going to be on the right side of that. And immigration is something near and dear to me, and I think we do have to effectively address it, as well.”

The senator’s views are also, apparently, not held by the passionately progressive Mrs. Fetterman, who is literally, nowhere to be seen at the moment. According to this NY Times reporter, Mrs. Fetterman is apparently doing her level best to distance herself from the Frankenstein creature who rose off a gurney in her home.

And now, alas – it appears a true breach may be imminent. A diversion of core beliefs and Fetterman’s speaking them unabashedly in public is rumored to be responsible.

The social media maven is now upset people notice her?

Crushed hopes and dreams, all because her severely afflicted husband has recovered in pretty miraculous fashion…

…but not quite as she envisioned it?

I’d hate to think she was that shallow, self- centered, and manipulative, especially since they have kiddos.

But – unlike Unfiltered Fetterman 2.0 – I could honestly say I probably saw that coming.

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