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It’s the BLM ‘Week of Action’ in Public Schools – HotAir

Did you know that kids across America are enjoying this year’s Black Lives Matter “Week of Action?”

This is thanks to the endorsement of the National Education Association, the largest teachers’ union. It has partnered up with BLM (they still exist?) to engage students in anti-White, anti-Jewish, and anti-Western activities designed to prepare children to become good citizens in the coming de-colonialized America. 

There is absolutely nothing good to recommend about the BLM Week of Action, but this year, a new and particularly vile twist has been added to the mix: a call to martyrdom. 

Yes, you read that right. Rather than just smear everything about the West, this year BLM has allied itself with a pro-Jihad group to promote the idea that martyrdom in the destruction of Western values is a good and necessary thing. 

The project is run by Black Lives Matter @ School.

It turns out that BLM @ School is a big fan of the Palestinian cause, with a couple of sections of resources either directly related to spreading anti-Israel propaganda or adjacent issues. 

Also included are resources pushing Black Nationalism, communism, and just about every form of radical politics out there. 

Of course, by now, none of us should be shocked that any BLM-affiliated organization would be pushing radical ideology or associating it with violence, but I suspect that many parents might be surprised to know that their teachers are members of a union that is promoting these groups pushing violence. 

The NEA has a page on their website pushing the BLM @ School agenda, and it is chock full of wonderful stuff that will make your hair turn prematurely gray.

The part I particularly love is the NEA’s commitment to end school discipline.

But today, certain politicians fuel divisions so they can take resources away from our schools while they let the wealthiest few get away with not paying their fair share. They then blame parents, teachers and students to distract from these failures. They enact zero tolerance and other exclusionary school discipline policies that push Black, brown and LGBTQ+ students out of the classroom and into the criminal justice system —harming our students, our educators, and our communities.

Effective approaches to discipline include restorative justice practices that can result in improved school climates and increased educational opportunities.

We will support and implement policies that will:

  • End suspensions and arrests for minor misbehavior.
  • Adopt school-wide positive restorative justice practices and enhance training for all school personnel.
  • Engage educators, students, parents, and community advocates to build and strengthen successful implementation.

When we join together across race and place, we can demand that our schools treat all our children equitably and with compassion, nurturing a love of learning and meeting childhood mistakes with the proven approaches that help kids grow.

How’s that working out for you, NEA?

Public schools have completely lost the plot. Education doesn’t seem to be in the top 5 concerns of lawmakers, educators, administrators, or the unions. 

Instead we get “Social and Emotional Learning,” CRT, student activism, and political indoctrination. 

No doubt many teachers are as disturbed by this as you and I, but I suspect most are keeping their heads down and looking forward to retirement. 

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