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Jill Biden is Doing What Joe Biden Cannot

Jill Biden was in Pennsylvania on Friday with the president as he kicked off his re-election campaign with a speech near Valley Forge. She was there to support her husband. More importantly, she was there to rush up on the stage at the conclusion of the speech and guide her confused husband off the stage.

You’ll notice that Jill was happy to stand there and wave to the crowd, as though they were applauding only her. She’s an enabler. In this case, she is enabling her feeble husband to run for re-election. She isn’t ready to give up the power and perks yet. It’s elder abuse.

Oddly, the president turned back to the podium to shout, “I understand power.” after he hugged his wife. Was that an acknowledgement of what we all suspect, that Jill is the power in the White House? He had just finished delivering a speech where he compared Trump to Hitler and other nefarious forces. As with many Biden moves, it was a random ad lib.

Democrats are in a panic because Biden is in such bad standing with voters. Jill Biden is being brought in early so she can prop up Democrat women in hopes that they will come out and vote for Joe in November. There will no doubt be a focus on black women and other minority women. Biden has lost significant support in all demographics but less so with black women.

Jill Biden is being sent on the campaign trail because Joe isn’t up to it. He’s 81-years-old and travel wears him out. He is increasingly inarticulate when he speaks. He mumbles and stumbles through speeches. It is impossible to understand what he is saying. Jill, at age 72, is no spring chicken but she is still understandable and able to get through a speech without everyone wondering if she’ll make it or not. She is as racist and out-of-touch as Joe, though, and doesn’t really connect with audiences. Remember when she referred to Hispanics as breakfast tacos in San Antonio? She has been a political spouse for 50 years. Her fumbles reveal her true character.

Jill will be doing interviews, which is also something her husband is not capable of doing, unless it is with some low-brow late night show. She, too, is going into very supportive territory. She will be interviewed by MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. I know. It’s enough to make a person puke.

It was announced that the presidential spouse would sit down with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski to discuss her “life, career and the pivotal year ahead” at a White House event this week. The liberal “Morning Joe” co-host will likely not subjugate her to an intense grilling, following the pattern of friendly interviews her husband’s White House has green-lit in recent months.

DePauw University professor and media critic Jeffrey McCall says it’s a “miscalculation” for Team Biden to make the first lady a campaign surrogate, at least one with a heavier media presence than the candidate himself.

“Voters can surely infer she is only doing the interviews because the president can’t or won’t,” McCall told Fox News Digital.


Jill thrives on the attention. She should be staying with her husband and helping him on and off stages at his early point but she will be happy to campaign and take the spotlight. She won’t be asked difficult or embarrassing questions. Legacy media loves her and will be her cheerleaders. Hollywood celebrities will be happy to help her, too. She is scheduled to visit the University of Illinois Chicago to put a spotlight on menopause and women’s health. She will be joined by actress Halle Berry, a women’s health advocate.

First lady Jill Biden visits the University of Illinois Chicago on Thursday afternoon for an event highlighting women’s health and research on menopause.

The trip is part of the new White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research, which was launched Nov. 13 and led by Biden and the White House Gender Policy Council.

Thursday night Jill will be in Connecticut for a holiday party.

First lady Jill Biden is scheduled to visit the Naval Submarine Base on Thursday to meet with the crew and families of the USS Delaware (SSN-791).

Her office announced Monday night that she is slated to arrive at Groton-New London Airport at 7 p.m.

At 7:30 p.m., she will attend a holiday gathering at the Submarine Force Museum with the submarine’s crew and families as part of her Joining Forces initiative to support military families. She made similar visit to the sub base in 2021. Biden serves as the sponsor of the ship and participated in its christening in October 2018.

It sounds like she is touting her own work in this administration rather than highlighting her husband’s. She is supposed to be helping with his re-election campaign. It’s all about her. And, let’s be honest, she has nothing to point to from Biden’s time in the White House to justify re-election.

Joe Biden hopes to run the 2024 re-election like the 2020 election – from his basement. Maybe he’ll keep his very light schedule and let Jill do the heavy lifting on the campaign trail. It makes him look weak and not able to do the job but no one seems concerned about that. Voters elected Joe, not Jill.

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